Carlson brand Enterprise

Carlson Brand Enterprise

Apply knowledge from the classroom to develop solutions for a real client. In the Carlson Brand Enterprise, undergraduate and MBA students act as marketing strategy consultants by applying strategic and analytical concepts to complex business problems for a partner organization.

Gain Real Experience in Carlson Brand Enterprise

Hands-on learning is a hallmark of the Carlson School experience, challenging students to apply what they've learned in partnership with real businesses.

Learn from Leading Scholars

Learn core methodologies and frameworks used by professionals to analyze complex challenges

Connect with Top Employers

The Carlson School's extensive network spans local, national, and global business communities, introducing students to industry leaders and future colleagues.

Be Part of an Exceptional Team

Fully analyze and understand marketing strategy and how brand assets can be identified, leveraged, and managed to create the most value for an organization

From Marines to Marketing

Not many MBA candidates find themselves prepping for the GMAT in the middle of the Pacific Ocean aboard a hulking U.S. Navy ship. But that’s exactly where Chris Brudzinski, ’17 MBA, began his journey from the Marine Corps to the Carlson School in 2015.


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