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Supply Chain & Operations Department

Supply Chain & Operations management enhances the flow of raw materials, finished goods, information, and services to maximize value for consumers. In today's global business landscape, supply chain leaders make strategic choices that impact the vitality of the business and sustainability of the planet.


Best ranked Supply Chain Graduate Program in North America

Supply Chain and Operations

Kingshuk Sinha, Supply Chain and Operations Mosaic Company - Jim Prokopanko Professor of Corporate Responsibility and department chair, discusses how the research and teaching at the Carlson School of Management capitalizes on the Twin Cities business community, and helps create reliable, responsive, resilient, and responsible supply chains around the world.

MS in Supply Chain Management

This one-year cohort program allows driven professionals to accelerate or transition into supply chain careers.

Developed in close consultation with senior executives from major multinational companies headquartered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, the new MS in Supply Chain Management Program provides the skills, knowledge, and insights professionals need to lead and transform supply chains that drive success and deliver value.

Industry Partners

Supply chain leaders and organizations can access the department's expertise for a variety of purposes.

  • Hire Carlson School students
  • Partner on academic research
  • Initiate a consulting project 
  • Join the Advisory Board
  • Obtain professional development
  • Sponsor the National Undergraduate Supply Chain Case Competition