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Target's new customer loyalty program joins retailers' "arms race" - October 4, 2019


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How to Sell Alcohol, For Breakfast

Bob Safford has gone from Fortune 100 marketer to founder of a craft soda brand to manager of the entire Joia® Spirit Craft Cocktails portfolio. Come hear his story and learn a thing or two about selling booze in today’s world.

William Hedgcock

Welcome Bill Hedgcock

William (Bill) Hedgcock is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. Professor Hedgcock’s teaching and research focuses on consumer behavior and the neuroscience of choice.

2018 Faculty Awards

  • Autoridade da Concorrência (AdC) Competition Policy Award, Honorable Mention (Associate Professor Maria Ana Vitorino)
  • Lawrence Fellows (Assistant Professors Alison Xu & Yi Zhu)
  • Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Scholar (Professor Tony Cui)
  • Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Young Scholar (Assistant Professor Linli Xu)
  • Quantitative Marketing & Economics' (QME) Dick Wittink Prize, Runner-Up (Associate Professor Song Yao)
  • Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award (Professor Kathleen Vohs)
  • Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) Early Career Award (Assistant Professor Alison Xu)
  •'s (TBS) 25 Top Behavioral Economists List (Professor Kathleen Vohs)