2011 Macro Asset Pricing Conference

Conference Participants

Frederico Belo (University of Minnesota)

Government Investment and the Stock Market
Discussant: Motohiro Yogo (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)

John Campbell (Harvard University)

Hard Times
Discussant: Jianfeng Yu (University of Minnesota)

Jeremy Graveline (University of Minnesota)

G10 Swap and Exchange Rates
Discussant: Max Croce (University of North Carolina)

Francois Gourio (Boston University)

Credit Risk and Disaster Risk
Discussant: Bob Goldstein (University of Minnesota)

Sydney Ludvigson (New York University)

Shocks and Crashes
Discussant: Santiago Bazdresch (University of Minnesota)

Stavros Panageas (University of Chicago)

Pension Design in the Presence of Systemic Risk
Discussant: Ellen McGrattan (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)

Lukas Schmid (Duke University)

Fiscal Policy and the Distribution of Consumption Risk
Discussant: Jeremy Graveline (University of Minnesota)

Jules Van Binsbergen (Stanford and Northwestern Universities)

Equity Yields
Discussant: Lukas Schmid (Duke University)

Jianfeng Yu (University of Minnesota)

Asset Pricing in Production Economies with Extra Polative Expectations
Discussant: Hui Chen (MIT)

Lu Zhang (Ohio State University)

Investment-Based Momentum Profits
Discussant: Frederico Belo (University of Minnesota)