• Academic Advising

    • Academic advising is a critical part of your undergraduate experience at the Carlson School. You will be assigned an academic adviser who will work with you from orientation through graduation. Your adviser will help you set goals, guide you through the numerous opportunities available at the University, and make sure you stay on track for graduation without losing sight of how your individual goals fit into your educational experience.

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    • Student Advising

  • Career Services and Mentorship

    • At the Carlson School, you have access to a world-class career center dedicated to undergraduate business students. The Undergraduate Business Career Center (UBCC) provides a required career skills course, career discovery, a mentorship program, and an employment website built specifically for Carlson School business students. No need to worry about fighting traffic or getting lost on the way to an interview.

      With 22 on-campus interview rooms and 18 Fortune 500 companies in our backyard, many interviews are held in Hanson Hall.

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    • Career Fair

  • Technology

    • IT Student Services provides computer lab resources and technical support. The two student computer labs dedicated to business students are designed to facilitate collaborative work and offer free printing to our students. They incorporate both desktop workstations and powered tables for laptops. Students may also have access to specialty labs in the school depending on their classes and/or major.

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    • Undergraduate Technology