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The Business Law minor is available to all undergraduate degree-seeking students on the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota, including Carlson School students. In this minor, you’ll explore issues and concepts at the intersection of law and business and learn analytical techniques that will be helpful in business settings. This minor can also prepare you for further study in law school, an MBA program, or other graduate program.

Students who complete the minor will be in a better position to innovate; identify, define and solve problems; and communicate effectively in interactions with lawyers as they navigate through regulatory requirements that all businesses inevitably confront. The minor thus provides a portal to new ways of thinking and new forms of knowledge.

Admissions Requirements

An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time of entry into the minor is required. This requirement can be waived on a case by case basis.

Students must complete the LAW 3000 course with a grade of C or higher before they can apply for this minor and before taking any 5xxx level LAW electives.

Transfer course substitutions may be considered for business designated courses (FINA, MGMT, BLAW). No substitutions will be made for LAW designated courses and no more than 2 courses may be transferred into the minor.

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Minor Curriculum

Students must complete the following with a grade of C- or better on an A - F grading basis (with the exception of LAW 3000, which requires a C or better).


Course Credits Title & Additional Information
    Required course:
LAW 3000 3 Introduction to American Law and Legal Reasoning 
Note: Completion of this course with a grade of C or better is required before enrolling in 5000-level Law School courses as part of the minor. Students should plan ahead and complete this course as early as possible.
    Choose one (and only one) of the following courses:
FINA 3001 3 Finance Fundamentals (prereq: ACCT 2050 and SCO 2550 or equivalent statistics course)
LAW 5076 3 Essentials of Business for Lawyers



3 Fundamentals of Management
MGMT 3004 3 Business Strategy 
Note: This course is only available for Carlson School students. 


Course Credits Title & Additional Information

LAW 3050


Law of Business Organization


*Students are particularly encouraged to take courses noted by an asterisk.

Course Credits Title & Additional Information

BLAW 3058


The Law of Contracts & Agency

BLAW 3059 2 Real Estate Law
LAW 5025 1 Patent Law Proseminar
LAW 5026 1 Intellectual Property and Technology Proseminar
LAW 5061 3 Financial Regulation
LAW 5062 3 Energy Law
LAW 5078 3 Legislation and Regulation
*LAW 5100 3 Taxation I
*LAW 5102 3 Mergers and Acquisitions
LAW 5103 3 Data Privacy Law
*LAW 5211 3 Federal Securities Regulation
*LAW 5214 3 Insurance
LAW 5224 3 Patents
*LAW 5601 3 International Business Transactions
LAW 5608 3 Trademarks
LAW 5613 3 Copyright
LAW 5707 2 Intellectual Property Transactions
LAW 5908 1 or 2 Independent Research (prereq: permission from law school faculty professor)


Appropriate Law School courses not on the list above may be taken to fulfill minor requirements, with permission from the Business Law Minor Advisor.

Please note that all classes are not offered every semester. Please check the class schedule on One Stop for details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the minor open to all undergraduates, or limited to students in certain colleges or majors?

The Business Law Minor is open to all University of Minnesota undergraduate degree candidates in all colleges and in all majors. However, students should check with their advisors to ensure that their programs allow enrollment in a freestanding undergraduate minor.


Will the minor help me if I plan to attend law school?

Yes, in that you will take courses from law professors, will be exposed to law school teaching methods, and will be trained in basic elements of legal analysis. This will help you adapt to law school more easily than students who lack that background. The minor might also help you decide whether to attend law school.


There are two important caveats. First, the American Bar Association prohibits accredited law schools in the U.S. from awarding J.D. credit for undergraduate work. Accordingly, your credits in the minor will not transfer into law school. Second, law schools do not require students to have prior exposure to law, so you should not think of the minor as essential preparation for law school.


Can courses in the minor count toward Honors Program requirements?

Yes – Law 3000 is available as an honors contract course. The instructor will provide additional information about fulfilling the contract. Additional honors contract courses may be available in the future.


When can I begin taking courses to satisfy the minor?

We recommend that you start in your sophomore or junior year.


Do I need any preparation for the minor or prior knowledge of law?

No. Courses in the minor do not assume prior familiarity with law, provided that you take Law 3000 before enrolling in 5xxx or 6xxx level law school courses.


What should I do if Law 3000 does not fit in my schedule, but I still want to start the minor?

You should either wait until you can take Law 3000, or take one of the other 3xxx level courses in the minor.

You cannot take 5xxx law courses as part of the minor until you complete Law 3000


When I take law courses, will I be evaluated in comparison to law students?

No. Undergraduates in law courses will be graded separately from law students.


Are there any special registration procedures for Law courses?

Generally, no. All 3xxx and 5xxx Law courses that are part of the minor are open for undergraduate registration in the same way that students typically register for courses. If you find that you are unable to directly enroll in a course that you believe is available for the minor you should email for guidance.

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To access the application you must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota and you must log in with your Internet ID (x.500 username) and password.

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