Business of Healthcare Minor

The Business of Healthcare minor is available to degree-seeking students admitted to the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. The minor provides an opportunity for students specializing in one of the functional areas of business to gain additional skills that prepare them with a deeper knowledge of the medical industry. Students undertaking this minor will be exposed to courses on healthcare marketplace, institutions, regulations, reimbursement, medical technology, and healthcare analytics. Knowledge of healthcare markets and business of healthcare complements disciplinary training of the Carlson undergraduate majors.

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Minor Curriculum


Course Credits Title & Additional Information
MILI 3585 3 Navigating the Healthcare Marketplace with Economic, Social and Policy Lenses
MILI 3589 3 Medical Technology and Society
MILI 3963 3 Health Market Analytics (prereq: MKTG 3005 or BA 2551 or equivalent statistics course, previous experience with Excel, R, SAS, SQL or Access)


Course Credits Title & Additional Information
ACCT 5161 2 Financial Statement Analysis (prereq: ACCT 5101)
ACCT 5201 2 Intermediate Management Accounting (prereq: ACCT 3001)
FINA 4221 2 Principles of Corporate Finance (prereq: FINA 3001 or 3001H)
FINA 4422 2 Financial Modeling (prereq: FINA 4221 and ACCT 5101)
GCC 3003 3 Seeking Solutions to Global Health Issues 
GCC 3028 3 Harnessing the power of research, community, clinic and policy to build a culture of health
GCC 3033 3 Advancing Health Equity: The Structural Determination at Home and Abroad
HRIR 3042 2 Organizational Behavior: Groups and Teams
HRIR 3111 2 Human Resource Analytics (prereq: BA 2551 or equivalent statistics course)
IDSC 4401 2 Information Security (prereq: IDSC 3001)
IDSC 4210 2 Interactive Data Visualization for Business Analytics
IDSC 4310 2 Prescriptive Analytics (prereq: IDSC 4110 and 4210 recommended)
INS 4100 2 Corporate Risk Management
MKTG 4074 4 Data-Driven Marketing (prereq: MKTG 3011)
MKTG 4085 2 Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness (prereq: MKTG 3001)
MGMT 4034 2 Technology Strategy (prereq: MGMT 3004 or 3001)
MGMT 4035 2 Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy (prereq: MGMT 4032)
MGMT 4044 4 Negotiation Strategies
SCO 3051 2 Service Management (prereq: SCO 3001)
SCO 3059 4 Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma (prereq: SCO 3001)
SCO 3072 2 Managing Technologies in the Supply Chain (prereq: SCO 3001)
MGMT 4055 or IBUS 4050 4 Management of Innovation and Change (prereq: BA 1011, MGMT 3001 or MGMT 3015)

Please note that some course numbers and titles have changed for Fall 2022. You will not receive credit for a course that you previously completed under the old course number. Refer to this full list for details.

Please note that all classes are not offered every semester. Please check the class schedule on One Stop for details. 

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