International Experience

Because rapid economic integration around the world presents new challenges for doing business, we believe that first-hand international experience in new countries, cultures, and business environments is essential to providing a comprehensive business education. That's why an international experience is required for all undergraduates:

  • To instill motivation to become more globally competent.
  • To encourage mutual understanding, communication, and collaboration with colleagues and students abroad.
  • To support your development as an authentic global business leader.


Students have many choices available to complete their international experience. Any credit-bearing study abroad program offered by the Carlson Global Institute or University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center will fulfill the requirement. You may choose and apply to the program that provides the best opportunity to meet your area of study and career goals.


To plan for their international experience, students have help from multiple partners including their academic adviser, study abroad adviser, career coach and the Office of Student Finance. Each contact will be able to help with a part of the process. We encourage students to meet with their advisers early and then check in on a regular basis to stay on track with planning.

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