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How to Apply to the MS in Business Analytics Program

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Who Should Apply to the MS in Business Analytics Program?


The MS in Business Analytics is a rigorous graduate program for analytical thinkers with an interest in business. Qualified applicants should demonstrate a capacity for intense academic study, a propensity for mathematics and programming, and a basic understanding of business fundamentals. Recent graduates and early-career professionals with analytical backgrounds are eligible for the program.

Ideal candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate degree in economics, mathematics, engineering, business, computer science, statistics, or related field is recommended, but not required
  • Demonstrated competency in computer programming in at least one of the following computer programming languages is required: Python, C, C++, C#, VB (not VBA), or Java. Academic transcripts, certificates from online courses, or work experience may be cited to meet this requirement.
  • At least one college-level calculus course is required.
  • At least one college-level statistics course is recommended, but not required.
  • Full-time work experience is not required. We do strongly recommend having at least some related internship(s) involving analyzing data, using technical software, and/or applying computer programming languages (e.g., Python, R, SQL, C, C++, C#, VB, Java, etc.), in addition to having related academic or extracurricular experiences.


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Application Deadlines

The following application rounds and deadlines are for applicants who wish to start the MSBA program in Summer of 2023.

Admitted students who enroll in the program are required to arrive on campus in time for the required MSBA Program Orientation in late May or early June (2023 dates are May 30 - June 2). No exceptions are made to this requirement.

Application Deadlines

  • November 1
    Decision notification: December 29
  • January 3
    Decision notification: March 10
  • February 1 - Final deadline for international applicants
    Decision notification: April 14
  • March 15 - Final deadline for domestic applicants
    Decision notification: April 28

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Application Requirements and Instructions

The University of Minnesota uses an online application system. Complete instructions for preparing the required application materials are provided in the guide below. Please review these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth application process.

View, download, or print this guide to preparing and submitting your application for admission to the Carlson MS in Business Analytics program:

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Tuition and Financial Aid

The MS in Business Analytics program is 45 required credits over 3 Semesters (summer, fall, spring).

2022-2023 Tuition
  Tuition Per Credit Total Tuition (45 credits)
Minnesota Resident Cost:* $1,055 $47,475
Non-Resident Cost: $1,500 $67,500

*Reciprocity rates are available to residents of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Manitoba.


Required fees per semester for the 2022-2023 academic year

Fee Fall and Spring Summer**
Student services Fee $481.48


Capital Enhancement Fee $75 $75
Academic Records Fee



Stadium Fee $6.00 $6.00
Student Health Benefit Plan (unless the student provides proof of his/her own insurance, this plan is required for international students)


Professional Student Government Fee $17.07 $17.07
Transportation Fee $71 $71
Carlson School Collegiate Fee $580 $290 for 6 or more credits 
International Student Administrative Fee $200 $110
International Student Aid Fee $16 $10

**As the MS in Business Analytics program has a summer start, some summer fees would be a prorated version of the full semester fees.

​​​​​​***Other Education-Related costs such as books and cost of living are not included in the table above.

The total program tuition will remain the same for the three consecutive semesters a student is in the program.

For full details of tuition costs, please visit One Stop.

A non-refundable $1,500 tuition deposit is required to confirm your intention to enroll in the Master of Science in Business Analytics program and is applied toward the first academic term.

All fees are subject to change.

The University of Minnesota offers many loan programs, administered through the Office of Student Finance. To be considered, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). International students need a U.S. co-signer for student loans. If you have questions about loan programs, visit Financial Aid — One Stop. The University has reciprocity agreements with the states of Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the province of Manitoba, Canada.

International Student Loans

The University of Minnesota does not specifically offer non-US co-signed loans. Some of the options available to you include:

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The Carlson School offers merit-based scholarships for qualified students joining the full-time MSBA program.

Merit Scholarships for U.S. Citizens

Up to $20,000 awards available for well-qualified candidates

Students applying for May 2023 will be automatically considered for all scholarships they are eligible for. Early career professionals with analytical skills are encouraged to apply. Qualified applicants should demonstrate a capacity for intense academic study, a propensity for mathematics and programming, and a basic understanding of business fundamentals.

Eligibility Requirements: Must be U.S. resident or U.S. citizen. Must be admitted to the full-time MS in Business Analytics program that begins in late May 2023.

Scholarships for International Students

The Carlson School and the University of Minnesota award a limited number of academic merit-based scholarships to international students. Scholarship consideration is extremely competitive and is based on strength of all pieces of the application.

Applying for Scholarships

The MS in Business Analytics admissions committee will automatically consider program applicants for merit scholarships; no special application is required. Scholarship awards are announced at the same time as final admissions decision letters are released.

MSBA Student Profile

illustration of demographics and averages for class of 2023 masters of science business analytics students
Men: 55%; Women: 35%; Unknown/do not identify: 10%; International students: 87%; Average GMAT score: 690; Average full-time work experience: 2.9 years
illustration of undergraduate majors for class of 2023 masters of science in business analytics
Engineering: 55%; Business/management: 22%; Science: 14%; Economics: 6%; Other: 3%

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