Leadership at Carlson

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Carlson School of Management prepares its graduates to excel in leadership and management roles. There are many opportunities, both in class and outside, where we can learn about and practice how to be a good leader and a group member. When I first started the program, I remember people were apprehensive about taking charge of projects, assigning tasks to other group members, and holding them accountable when things did not get done. But that’s what was needed, and our work product often visibly suffered when my groups lacked strong leadership that helped keep projects on track and made sure that we were exceeding the requirements.

And leadership opportunities are not limited just to the classroom. Through building strong networks, students can find leadership opportunities outside the classroom as well. As an example, I’ve worked on projects with professors, and have even been asked to consult with outside companies through the network I’ve developed within the Carlson program. 

A final important component of leadership is learning to be lead. I’ve worked with amazing colleagues while in the Carlson MBA program, and learning from their leadership has been so important to my own professional development.