Shuang Liang

"I had no doubts that Carlson’s MBA program would immerse me in real-world projects and provide me with the resources needed to apply business theories to real business challenges."

Your Story

When I was a little kid, a science seed was embedded into my heart. At my childhood, I love visiting museum more than playground, chasing bugs more than playing dolls, digging in the yard more than watching cartoons. After schools, I started my career in pharmaceutical R&D and became a drug discovery chemist. My team faced different research challenges, every day, on identification and optimization of drug candidates to address unmet patients' needs. That is an exciting and meaningful job, hard to get bored. After on this R&D position for a few years, I realized, to maximize the impact of science to really benefit people’s life, it is not enough to dedicate efforts into innovative research, it is critical to align innovation with business strategy, operation and commercialization. I gradually shifted my gear toward some business-related projects, and during that time I identified my true career aspirations: bridging science with business to translate scientific innovation into commercial reality and sustainable business model. So I decided back to school and acquire a systematic knowledge about every business aspect. So that is how I get here today.

Why Carlson?

The original reason I chose Carlson is the location, close to my family and in the city of Minneapolis, one of the most energetic business hubs in the world, which was critical for future job placement. My desire to attend Carlson was reinforced by the in-depth and unique experiential learning program. With programs like this available, I had no doubts that Carlson’s MBA program would immerse me in real-world projects, provide me with the resources needed to apply business theories to real business challenges, and ultimately help me realize my career aspiration to better connect scientific innovation with business opportunities. My experience so far proves that I made a wise choice and got exactly what I expected from a MBA program.

Living in the Twin Cities

Heard of "Minnesota Nice"? There is a reason it is called Minnesota nice. People here are truly nice, extremely polite and friendly. Heard of "10,000 lakes"? There are lots of lakes, more shoreline than California, Hawaii and Florida combined. One of the coolest thing to do here is ice fishing, truly cool! If you love shopping like me, this is a right place to be. There are many shopping malls, including MOA the nation's largest one. In addition, there is no sales tax on clothing and shoes. What a heaven!

About Shuang

Beijing, China
Undergraduate Institution
Peking University, China, Chemistry
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical, Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development
Carlson Activities
Finance Club, Global Business Student Association
3M Strategic Business Development
Professional Interests
Job Title
New Product Marketing Manager, Vascular Access Solutions