Peter Engebretson

“After only a semester, I feel like I can walk the walk and talk the talk in the business world, despite coming from a non-traditional background.”

My story

After graduating in 2008 with ambitions of environmental law, I wanted to gain exposure to the legal industry before taking a six-figure, 3 year plunge.  I landed a job a corporate law firm and immediately realized I enjoyed the business and management aspects more than the legal side.  An opportunity arose to gain management experience working as a BP contractor on the oil spill in 2010.  After 3 years and as the spill was winding down, I knew I needed a career change as I didn’t want to work in Houston or on the Gulf of Mexico any longer.  I began targeting schools based on reputation and location.

Why Carlson?

After some school visits, Carlson and Minneapolis turned out to be the perfect fit for me, and I only applied here.  I liked the small class sizes, supportive community surrounding the business school, and the vibrant city of Minneapolis full of opportunities for an MBA graduate.  Carlson distinguishes itself by its hands-on enterprise program.  I will be doing the Consulting Enterprise where I will work hand-in-hand with local Fortune 500 companies solving real business problems.  After only a semester, I feel like I can walk the walk and talk the talk in the business world, despite coming from non-traditional background. 

Internal Case Competition – Before and After

Another unique offering of Carlson is the 2 internal case competitions.   One is right after orientation, and the other is after finals of the first semester.   The first competition against your classmates is a humbling experience because you realize there is so much you don’t know about financial statements, corporate strategy, marketing, etc.  However, the second competition is a complete about-face.  All of us felt incredibly strong in our business acumen.  Several of my classmates answered questions expertly in the final round from a panel of executives from a local Fortune 500 company.  The panel of judges was impressed, and they didn’t see our first attempt 4 months prior.  We also still have 3 more semesters to hone our skills and specializations for successful and impactful careers in the future.

About Peter

Orono, Minnesota
Undergraduate Institution
Colgate University, 2008, Geology
Operations Manager on the BP Oil Spill
Paralegal at a law firm
Carlson Activities
John Molson International Case Competition
Running Club
Supply Chain & Operations Club
Energy Club
Job Title
Implementation Lead