Kaizen Yang

"Carlson allows a lot of freedom and control. Once I figured out how to maximize my time, doing things I cared about, I became (and still am) very happy."

My Story

I am a Minnesota boy, through and through.  Born and raised in Northfield, MN, I was fortunate to have been raised by caring and hard working parents.  Many of my life decisions are influenced by my culture, family, and education.  I am very thankful to have attended a nationally-ranked undergrad institution, and to have worked for multiple companies before starting my MBA. 

Why Carlson

When considering MBA programs, my main prerogative was to enter a nationally-ranked program out of Minnesota.  However, the more I learned and interacted with the school and its staff/students/faculty, the more I wanted to attend Carlson.  Also, I wanted to attend the same MBA program as my fiancée.  Reflecting back on my experiences, I have no regrets choosing Carlson over other institutions; all of my successes, during the past two-years, are attributed to Carlson.

How Carlson Made Me Happier

While some people try to judge their quality of life through complex metrics and through peer comparison, I gauge my life by asking, “How happy am I right now?”  Prior to Carlson, I was not very happy.  I experienced lay-offs, and I was not content with how my life was progressing, occupationally.  When I started my MBA career, initially, I was inundated with so much info and pressure, I was not sure I had made the right decision.  As I better understood the MBA program and myself, I became happier.  Now, as a second-year, I am greatly appreciative of all Carlson has given to me.  I attribute my happiness to two factors: Carlson’s personalized resources and freedom of choice.  Carlson offers resources—career, academic, etc.—similar to other MBA programs, but the largest positive differentiator is Carlson caters their resources to each individual student.  Many schools may claim they can accommodate the same personalization, but Carlson is one of the few that can deliver as promised.  Freedom of choice has been integral to my happiness because I have been able to allocate as much time and energy on items that I am passionate about.  I am taking classes I want, involving myself with events and programs that interest me, and (on top of everything) planning my wedding.  After I graduate, when people ask how my MBA experience was, I will tell them that Carlson made me happier.           

About Kaizen

Northfield, MN
Undergraduate Institution
Carleton College BA in Economics, 2008 Northfield, MN
Loram, Inc.
Imation, Inc.
Carlson Activities
Case Competition Participant
MBA Ambassador
Board Member for SCOC
President of Buddy Program
Groupon, Inc.
Job Title
Senior Product Operations Manager