Jamie Glover

"Carlson is un-matched in it's incredible network within the Twin Cities."

Your Story

After graduating from Carleton College with a major in economics, I pursued a marketing career where I fell in love with the study of consumer behavior and developing communications strategies to create meaningful connections between consumers and brands. After 5 years at Fallon, an advertising agency, and another 5 at 3M, I decided to pursue an MBA to broaden my understanding of business and learn how to best utilize my skills and passions to make a positive impact on the world around me through my work.

Why Carlson?

I chose Carlson for two main reasons. I spoke with several alumni before making my decision, and they all had great things to say about the program--so that was very telling. The second reason was because Carlson is un-matched in it's incredible network within the Twin Cities. I knew I would be pursuing employment in Minnesota upon graduation, and saw the value in both building my own network here and leveraging the connections that Carlson has created over the years.

Overall Experience as a Carlson MBA Student

I decided to pursue an MBA at this point in career because I wanted to broaden my knowledge and skills, and have the opportunity to try out new things in pursuit of my "dream job." The range of academic experiences have certainly exposed me to new perspectives on how to approach business problems, and I've also had the opportunity to join a start-up business and try out the world of entrepreneurship--something I never would have done on my own.

About Jamie

Undergraduate Institution
Carleton College
Carlson Activities
Women's Mentorship Program, Carlson Marketing Network
Anytime Fitness, ASIYA Modest Activewear
OptiMine Software Inc.
Job Title
Marketing Professional