Catherine Wang

"I love the sense of community and level of individualized support that come from our small class size.”

My story

I moved to Minnesota with my family when I was a junior in high school. My family and I moved around a lot when I was growing up because of my dad’s job. As a result, I got the opportunity to live in several countries (Canada, Taiwan, England, and the U.S.). I ended up staying in Minnesota (even though my family moved to sunny California) for my undergraduate degree. After college, I worked in the Twin Cities area for 5 years in Marketing and Merchandising areas across three industries before coming back to school to pursue my MBA to accelerate my career in Marketing/Brand Management.

Why Carlson?

I decided to return to Carlson for my MBA because of several reasons. The most important ones to me were the experiential learning and the small class size. I love the sense of community and level of individualized support that come from our small class size. In addition, the Carlson Enterprise Program has been a great way to put the things we learned in the classrooms to practice through working on projects with companies.

Global Discovery China

I finally had the opportunity to visit China earlier this year through the Carlson Global Discovery program. I got to visit Beijing, Suzhou, and Shanghai with almost 30 of my classmates as part of the program. We visited many cultural sites (such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square) in addition to company site visits (such as Lenovo, Baidu, General Mills, Medtronic, YUM Brands, and Ford). Overall, it was a memorable learning experience that helped me broaden my global perspective.

About Catherine

Toronto, Canada
Undergraduate Institution
Carlson School of Management, 2008, Marketing
Johnson & Johnson
General Mills
Carlson Activities
Graduate Business Career Center Liaison
Carlson for Community (C4C)
MBA Women’s International (MBAWI)
Carlson Marketing Network (CMN)
Job Title
Global Product Manager