Bobby Paulus

“I needed a top tier MBA program to teach me the technical skills and business practices that I could combine with work experience, and I certainly found that at Carlson, along with a great community ”

My story

My wife and I were living in Washington D.C., when I had to make some decisions regarding my next steps in life.  Given our plan as a family, I would transition out of the military in 2013, but I had to figure out what would work best with a move back to the Midwest.  Instead of going right into the work force, I saw an opportunity to develop a lot of skills that I needed by going to a full time MBA program.  I then applied to a few schools, and was fortunate to get a spot at Carlson!

Why Carlson?

It was an easy choice for me once I received the acceptance letter, due to the curriculum, business climate in Minneapolis (and Carlson’s high rate of placement), and the community.  The curriculum was on par with that of all top MBA programs, and it included the Carlson Enterprise program.  This was very important to me so that I did not let my developed skills from my previous experience atrophy, but also created an opportunity for me to develop a more complete business tool set by doing real world consulting projects for companies both local and nationwide. Second, the business climate in the twin cities was and is very good with many large and small companies and Carlson had demonstrated one of the top track records in the country in placing graduates into jobs.  Finally, the community at Carlson was very appealing; there was a smaller program size, a close knit support structure in the form of staff and faculty, and the other students that I had met throughout the application process were people that I wanted to spend more time with.  Overall, it was exactly what I was looking for in an MBA program.

Working in Teams

A final part of this Ambassador profile is a paragraph of our choice – and in preparation for your own MBA experience, I wanted to touch on working in teams.  No matter what your background is in or where you are from, everyone has the ability and responsibility to contribute to a team’s success.  Every top MBA program has classes that are built around team projects, homework, and presentations – and your ability to work with others to get to the best end result is really important.  As you begin your MBA, be sure to look at what you see as your strengths and weaknesses, and know that you have two years to get better at your weaknesses and the chance to share your strengths with your classmates to have good teamwork experiences.  It can be a lot of fun!

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