Adriana Scheiner

"I wanted to learn how to solve ambiguous problems and the Carlson Enterprise program offered the ability to do so, at very low risk."

Your Story

I am originally from just north of St. Paul where I sent most of my time until I graduated high school. After leaving Minnesota to go to the University of Wisconsin - Madion (GO BADGERS!!) to obtain a Mechanical Engineering degree, I landed in Iowa working in operations for a CPG company. While I genuinely enjoyed my job, I got tired of living in a small town and moved back to MN on a relocation with my company. A year and many pro/con lists later, I found myself living in Minneapolis with my younger brother and getting ready to go back to schoool ! (Pro tip: really evaluate if you want to live with a sibling, before you do it) At the end of school round one, I found myself with a degree I didn't really enjoy, but with a job that I loved. Now, to excel my career forward and make myself a better candidate for the jobs that I enjoy I am focusing on Supply Chain and Operations in order to gain a list of skills that doesn't start with "I can do math pretty well".

Why Carlson

I like having a process... I REALLY like having a process. Having a start and end point, steps to get from one to the other, and an understanding if I was successful, is the main reason I ended up as an engineer as an undergraduate. Math problems tell you if you did them right or wrong! I found out rather quickly after starting my career that I had no idea how to operate in that cloudy gray between the two however. In business there usually isn't a right or wrong answer, and to make the best calls you need to be comfortable knowing that you don't know it all. That gray zone is what brought me back to school, I wanted to learn how to solve ambiguous problems and the Carlson Enterprise program offered the ability to do so, at very low risk.

A Day in the Life of a Carlson MBA Student

5:00-7:30 AM Up and moving bright and early, I am a morning person - a workout, very big cup of coffee, and hot breakfast are the best way to start the day! This morning was a run along the Mississippi, a great perk to living downtown.
8:00-11:00 Consulting Enterprise, my team is meeting for a couple hours to start outlining our final presentation - there's only a week left on the project and the team is in crunch mode. We walked out of this meeting with the story we want to tell our client with our deck, now it's time to build slides!
11:00-1:00 Today I am meeting with the Women's Leadership Conference logistics team, the conference is tomorrow and it's the peak of the work load for this team. We are going through a final run of show, stuffing giveaway bags for all the attendees (400) , and making small gifts for the speakers (35+), this is a big event each year and anticipation is high for things to go well!
1:00-1:45 A short break and a walk outside to enjoy the sunny weather before my next class
1:45-3:30 Financial Analysis and Decisions, aka H-Mo 2.0. I am not a finance wizard by any means but our professor (Helen Moser) makes the class and the content very entertaining. Today we are talking about Options. Do you want to learn more about them too? Take her class, because I certainly can't explain it!
3:30-5:30 More set-up for the conference tomorrow, this time it's decorations in the atrium, we are starting to see it come together!
5:30-7:30 Head home, dinner time via. Whole Foods salad bar - a life saver when I am too lazy to cook, throw in a load of laundry, call mom to say hi, then chat with my brother for awhile to catch up on the day while I remind him he was supposed to unload the dishwasher.... siblings.
7:30-10:00 Enterprise project work, and "studying" for a final next week - ie. catching up on t.v. with an open book on my lap….
10:00 Finally time for bed!

About Adriana

Vadnais Heights, MN
Undergraduate Institution
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing and Operations, General Mills
Carlson Activities
Carlson for Community, Fellows, Women's Mentorship, Women's Leadership Conference
Supply Chain and Operations, Medtronic