Global Experience: Study Abroad in Argentina & Chile

Sunday, March 4, 2018

I registered for the Argentina/Chile study abroad because I wanted to bridge the gap between the theory and application of my marketing knowledge. The location appealed to me as well as I had studied Spanish for 6 years and have a strong appreciation for Latin American culture. The Carlson school had a very thorough preparation class prior to departure. In it, we discussed the political, social, and economic climates of the countries that we were going to visit. The professor arranged a series of guest speakers, training modules, and culture assessments to help us orient ourselves.

Tango Dancers Performing

Tango lessons and show in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The study abroad trip is really what you make of it. The more research you do before departure, the more rewarding and engaged you end up being. I read several books on the countries that I was visiting and reviewed travel resources online.

Group Rafting

Rafting the rapids at La Cascada, Chile

The most valuable part of the trip was the relationships that were made. MBA’s are really the best people to travel with. You become so close dining, exploring, and learning alongside such inquisitive companions. My trip was greatly enriched by the ideas that my cohort came up with that I would not have thought of myself. Every night included a long dinner with great conversation. We also managed to visit many museums and historical sites. My favorite part of the trip was escaping to the Andes mountains on weekends to hike, raft, and relax.

Students in front of a Waterfall in the Andes

Hiking in the Andes of Chile

Traveling as part of a study abroad program was unique in that we got to access certain experiences that would have otherwise been off limits. For example, the Carlson program got us into manufacturing facilities and government organizations. If traveling independently, I would not have been exposed to so many diverse aspects of Argentina and Chile.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding at the Lodge Andino, Chile

The learning curve on the trip was tremendous. Every interaction, even ordering food at a restaurant, was an educational experience. It was amazing how quickly we picked up on the language, norms, and customs of the region. After this experience, I feel confident about being able to effectively navigate the global business opportunities that lie ahead in my future.