Carlson 4 Community (C4C)


Carlson 4 Community (C4C) was created in 2005 by full-time MBA students at the Carlson School of Management to bring together full-time, part-time and executive MBA students with the school’s alumni and faculty to support local causes.

The school’s leading student organization promoting volunteerism and community involvement within the Twin Cities, C4C has created various opportunities for Carlson students to give back. The biggest event is the annual Carlson MBA Charity Auction, which benefits a different local charity each year as selected by the student body.

C4C is always ready to work with talented people and explore new ideas that contribute to the community. Please contact the C4C team if you have any questions about C4C or our upcoming events.

C4C 2019-2020

16th Annual Carlson MBA Charity Auction

The virtual auction will take place on...
Saturday, February 20, 2021
7:00pm-8:00pm CST

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This year, C4C is raising funds for both African American Aids Task Force (AAATF) and Help at Your Door (HAYD). AAATF provides culturally specific HIV Prevention, education, and direct services to people of African descent who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. HAYD is a nonprofit organization serving thousands of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and caregivers, across the Greater Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.


Our Mission is to provide culturally specific HIV prevention, education and services to people of African descent who are living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS.

The African American AIDS Task Force (AAATF) was founded by African American community members who were concerned with the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS on African American people living in Minnesota. Their goals were:

  • To increase the availability of culturally specific service providers to address the needs of African American people who were living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS; and,
  • To empower communities to help themselves.


Our Help At Your Door team is made up of hundreds of dedicated volunteers, a small group of caring staff, a board of directors filled with skill and expertise and generous donors who together collectively make our non-profit services possible. Our mission is to help seniors and individuals with disabilities maintain their independence and continue living in their homes.

Our vision is a community where aging is a positive experience. This combined team ensures that Help At Your Door fulfills its mission and vision as we serve thousands of seniors, individuals with disabilities and caregivers across the Greater Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.


Molly Dowden, Co-President

Davi Gordon, Co-President

Cameron Califf, VP of Marketing and Communications

Gabriel Puterbaugh, VP of Marketing and Communications

Huy Nghiem, VP of Community Engagement

Tyler Bergman, VP of Sponsorship

Chanda Cheung, VP of Donations

TH Tran, VP of Donations

Pawan Pawar, VP of Technology

Sam Sapita, VP of Logistics

Nach Karnik - VP of PT Engagement

Linford Leitch - VP of PT Engagement

Reid Vernon - VP of PT Engagement

Zach Critser, First-year Marketing Board Member

Sam Pietrini, First-year Marketing Board Member

Holly Hogan, First-year Community Engagement Board Member

Alexis Barber, First-year Sponsorship Board Member

Ali Stewart, First-year Sponsorship Board Member

Rahat Verma, First-year Donations Board Member

Eva Wilson, First-year Donations Board Member

Daniel Muggee, First-year Technology Board Member

Michael Quach, First-year Technology Board Member

Paige Nulliner, First-year Logistics Board Member

Meg Reid, First-year Logistics Board Member

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