The First Year - In Pictures!

Friday, March 27, 2015

I think the best way to show the true Carlson fulltime MBA experience is through pictures, so I’ve picked my favorites from each month of school. I realized mid-blog that I was missing some key pictures, so I did some photo-shopping. I’ll let you decide which ones are real.

First day of orientation picture

August: First Day of Orientation!
I packed up my new backpack, hopped on the 114 bus to Carlson, and met 107 great new people! I think my dog was worried about me being able to make new friends.

Case Competition

September: First Core Team Case Competition
During the final week of orientation I met the core team that I would work with on all group projects for the rest of the semester. We then embarked on our first core team case competition together. During the competition, I realized three important things: 1. I have a great core team! 2. I am a stress eater. 3. I call my teammate Drew “Dan” during presentations. I’m so glad team B9 posed for this entirely authentic power-stance-filled picture together before heading into our presentation.

Person wearing banana suit in class image
Wearing banana suits to class

October: Bananas in Class
Only the bravest souls dressed up for Halloween at school this year. And by that I mean the MBA Association board was forced to wear banana costumes to class.

Eating snacks in class

November: Midterms/Recruiting/Stress
Remember when I said I was a stress eater? Well, November proved to be a little bit stressful with finals and the start of on-campus recruiting activities. Luckily there is a convenience store nearby and several of my classmates acted as enablers.

Preparing for Second Core Team Case Competition

December: Second Core Team Case Competition
The first semester ends with a second core team case competition. This competition is much better than the first one because you know how your team operates, you have a semester’s worth of knowledge to apply to the case, and you’re just days away from winter break! The only downside is that much more is expected of you this time around. Team B6 determined that incorporating break dancing into their study breaks was the best way to manage stress during case competitions.

photoshopped headshot

January: The Internship Search Heats Up
For most students, January is the most hectic month when it comes to recruiting and interviewing for summer internships. My classmate, Anna Charles, wrote a great blog post about the recruiting process, which I’d highly recommend. I know she didn’t have a picture of her at an interview to add to her blog, but luckily I was able to find one!

classmates doing headstands
classmates playing ping pong

February/March: Things Lighten Up a Bit!
By the end of February, many MBA students have their summer internship plans lined up and are starting to get back into the groove of school again. You could tell the mood was lighter just by walking into the MBA Lounge.