The Carlson Global Gala

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nanaimo bars from Canada

10 contestants, a 100 judges. “Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out too bad” I thought as I prepped for the event. I took great care to ensure that the measurements were just right. The timing had to be precise, and I had a stop-watch in my hand to ensure that I had it nailed down. 

No no, I’m not talking about me prepping for a case competition. I’m actually talking about the best chef competition for the Global Gala, in which I was a contestant! The Global Gala is Carlson’s annual multicultural event that celebrates the diversity at Carlson. As per tradition, the first contest was to determine the best chef at Carlson. Authentic Canadian, Indian, and Minnesotan fare was dished out to eager (hungry) students and faculty who also doubled up as the judges. 

Eggplant with walnut and spices

This was followed by a Spanish music performance, a dance performance called the “Mtiuluri”, one of Georgia’s national dances, and a skit about arranged marriages in India. From Bollywood dancing to American Pie - the Global gala had it all!

Although I did not end up winning the best chef competition, I’m happy to report that my fellow blogger Deep Ghosh was crowned the winner for his dish, Kasha Mangsho (Bengali chicken).

Crowd Eating dinner

The Gala highlighted some of the unique strengths and perspectives that a global and diverse community brings to the table at the Carlson MBA program. The program places a strong emphasis on diversity, and having sat through multiple classes comprising veterans, and professionals from different parts of the world and the US all bringing with them unique perspectives, I can now see the benefits of all those interesting class discussions.  A diverse class also makes for some very interesting conversations over beer!

Group photo