A Star Enterprise

Friday, June 5, 2015

In just six short months at school, my life has changed! The hectic full time MBA program hardly allows for a slow moment, however it’s all been leading up to this moment. This week we all started our first projects within our respective ‘Enterprises.’

The biggest reason I chose Carlson over other top B-schools like Ross and Booth is because of its Enterprise program. Carlson promises it’s students the opportunity to work on three real world projects for three real world clients. And when I say real, I mean real. Clients ‘hire’ Carlson student consultants to work on an issue their business is facing expecting them to recommend solutions that can actually be implemented and make a difference to their businesses. 

We, as ‘consultants’ sign non-disclosure agreements and put in almost 15 hours of work a week to making sure the client receives professional deliverables from us! While the opportunity is ours and hard work must be done, the school does not cut any corners in the support it provides its students. Enterprise Directors have had years working in their specific fields and guide the students to put their best professional foot forward.

Most schools don’t have compulsory project requirements within their curriculums other than the summer internship. Booth certainly doesn’t have one and Ross only exposes its students to a single 7 week Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP). Carlson pushes its students to apply what they have learned and prepares them to step into the management world with more than year’s worth of management experience before they even graduate! We work on two 3-month projects and one quick 7-week project that sets us up for our summer internships. The school offers specific opportunities through the Brands, Consulting, Funds, Ventures & Product Management Enterprises.

It’s been a very exciting week getting started on my first enterprise project. While nervous, I can’t wait to get my hands dirty! We visited the client’s HQs and got the grand tour. Oh! It was also exciting to hand out our new business cards. Mine read:

Pavitra Kumar
Student Consultant
Carlson Consulting Enterprise

It’s one step closer to being a paid marketing and strategy consultant. So have you thought about which Carlson Enterprise you would like to get into?