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Peter Ryan

FT MBA Candidate, Class of 2018

Peter Ryan












Peter Ryan is a full-time MBA candidate in the Class of 2018 with an emphasis on marketing and entrepreneurship management. He previously lived in Milwaukee with his wife Betsy and is currently an intern at Thrivent.

Debjani Mallick

FT MBA Candidate, Class of 2018


Debjani Mallick is specializing in Supply Chain & Operations and will be joining Carlisle in a general management role upon graduation. Prior to graduate school, she worked as a Consultant at Veolia and as an Energy Manager at the City of Philadelphia. Debjani has degrees in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Environmental Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University. 

Samuel Gillmer

FT MBA Candidate, Class of 2018


Sam Gillmer is a member of the Carlson Ventures Enterprise. He is specializing in corporate strategy and entrepreneurship. He comes from a background in product management and interned this past summer as a Senior Product Manager for Amazon. Sam Gillmer recently visited China for his Global experience through the Carlson Global Institute’s Global Business Practicum in China. 

Recent Entries

May 6, 2018

Read Part One of Up-Close Experience

The Job Search- Network, Network, Network

May 6, 2018

Before diving into the Up-Close experience, I would just like to touch upon the culture at Carlson. In the 3 days that I spent at Minneapolis, meeting and speaking with people from the school, these were the pervasive underlying themes: warmth, inclusiveness and an inclination to help.

March 23, 2018

International experience is a requirement of the Carlson MBA program. That can take the form of a study abroad program or a “glocal” course focused on global commerce. The most popular choice among full-time students is to go on a two-week faculty-led trip over winter break of their second year.

March 4, 2018

I registered for the Argentina/Chile study abroad because I wanted to bridge the gap between the theory and application of my marketing knowledge. The location appealed to me as well as I had studied Spanish for 6 years and have a strong appreciation for Latin American culture.

February 21, 2018

I recently traveled to China through the Carlson Global Institute’s Global Business Practicum in China. On this trip, I spent seven days in Shanghai, four days in Guangzhou, and one sleepless night in Hong Kong. I won’t bury the lead; it was an incredible, eye-opening trip.