MBA Orientation Program Success

Monday, September 14, 2015

“Be Prepared!” The most famous of mottos in the US for young people, notably attached to the World Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Translated in over 100 languages, there must be something really important about this idea of preparedness. 

Students Networking

Over the last few weeks, hundreds of new MBA students have participated in our orientation programming, a.k.a. preparedness programming.  New day and evening students ran through a series of sessions and workshops to help bring focus to academic and career support services, develop familiarity with international coursework (whether abroad or on campus) and establish case study analysis skills to bring to the classroom.   The program’s identity was wrapped up in the people (students, alumni, faculty and staff) delivering the transformative content intended to create not just graduate students but MBA students. 

In addition to skills, services and resources, one of the stated learning outcomes for our orientation programs remains the networking opportunities (fancy MBA speak for socializing). Everyone was expected to meet at least 5 people to expand their networks and perfect their “looking for” (avoiding the use of elevator pitch) statements.  So important to the MBA experience is the ability to both seek out opportunities and support others doing the same. The culture here lends to that in an almost incredible way and exceeding the 5 person goal was easily achieved. 

Lastly, a word of thanks to our currents students and alumni that participated in our orientation programming.  Panel speakers, dinner conversationalists, advisers and presenters – our students really showed up to make the transformational effort valuable and to set the expectations for what our student community should be.