It's a Sprint, Not a Marathon

Friday, April 3, 2015

As I was looking at my to-do list this morning, I noticed that a significant portion of the items listed were related to the end of my first year in the MBA program and the beginning of my second year – registering for classes, researching global discovery options, preparing for the start of the enterprise program – and it became very clear that time had passed much quicker than I had originally expected.

When I first started considering an MBA, I remember thinking, “Wow, two years?” That seemed like an eternity when I contemplated quitting my job, going back to school, moving my life in a new direction…. Well, as I approach the end of my first year, my best advice would be to not blink. Set time aside to review the various options and opportunities the program offers so that you can follow the right path for you. Reach out to current students for advice and support. Be open to trying new things and exploring possibilities that you may not have initially considered. Find ways to accomplish important goals but be sure to pursue your passions. Finally, take as many pictures with Goldy as possible. Two years may seem like a very long time, but there is so much to do and experience that it goes by faster than you could ever imagine – enjoy the adventure!

Anna Posed with Goldy at TCF Stadium and in Formal Wear at Auction

Orientation in 2014 on the left; the 2015 Carlson Charity Auction on the right! Time may pass, but Goldy is always with us.