Going Global

Monday, October 27, 2014

A truly global experience!

Getting a global business environment experience is a vital part of any world class MBA program today. The world has moved from globalization to transnational companies that have no boundaries. The customer is a global one and it has become even more important to understand the customer from specific cultural lenses in order to be successful in this new playing field. 

Carlson offers a global discovery program to its MBA students where they spend two weeks in an emerging market such as India, China, Chile and Argentina and have a real chance to understand business processes and practices these countries follow. 

While the discovery program is only for two weeks, the most exciting part of the Carlson experience for me has been working with people from different countries and learning about their experiences through a slow interaction. Not only that, our Global Business Students Association plans events to celebrate festivals from around the world!

Yesterday, we celebrated Diwali and I’m sure most of Carlson’s class of 2016 knows how important it is for the retail channel to start promotions in the month before as shoppers go crazy buying gifts and crackers for the festivities. The students now also know more about India’s colorful culture and its delightful food. 

Here’s a video for you to understand more about Diwali too!