Escape MSP

Friday, June 5, 2015

This is not a spring break post. It is a “one of the best dates ever” post, and it happened in Minneapolis. Okay, so these “escape rooms” are springing up all over the States – you can find them in LA and Milwaukee, Denver and New York, but if you, like me, are new to the concept, here is our experience:

We arrived at 6 o’clock sharp (but you shouldn’t – come early to sign the waiver and review your official looking case file manila envelope thingy). Our mission was laid out for us, Mission Impossible style, and our team of nine was then locked in a room the size of a semi-successful broker office.  We had one hour to solve the mystery. No details – I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you – but let’s just say the puzzle was intricate and one hour flew by. Our team was made up of fellow Carlson students, my best friend, our neighbors, and a mother/son duo we’d never met but who turned out to be strong members of our, ahem, elite team. We worked rather well together and it was interesting how individual’s different talents and interests played into solving the puzzle. There was also one dubious moment where I went to hit the lights and instead almost hit the “abort” button, which would have made me persona non grata number one and officially ruined everyone’s night. Regardless, it was a fun and gripping way to spend 60 minutes. 
At the end of our session we gathered one last time to choose a name and snap a picture. Our name: Team 46 Steps. Because there were 47 steps to the puzzle. That is how close we got to winning! If you do win, you only get bragging rights and a squeeze ball shaped like a lock, but I’m willing to bet most of our team wants to be handcuffed together and try to break out of the other room they currently are running. The challenge is real!

Heidi Munion and Husband