Carlson Full Time MBA Social Life

Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm looking back on the recent closing of Up-Close event with fond memories. What a great ending to an awesome, well-organized event! It was a delight to see and meet new faces filled with enthusiasm and energy. I had signed up for and attended the last dinner event at TCF Stadium on Friday. So my encounter with the prospective/committed students was brief but enlightening.

Many participants asked me about my social life after hearing from the current student body that the first year is stressful. This is certainly understandable. It is important to feel supported in such a situation. 

I had much to share...

Balance is Essential

Truthfully, this past year has been a roller coaster ride: Stressful at times in terms of academics, but adventurous and fun on the social front, too.

For one, Thursdays at TAPS were times of unwinding that I could count on. Keeping appointments with myself for relaxation was so important. Tony, the manager at the bar even knows my name. “Sometimes you wanna go…”

Going with the flow and learning things as they come is essential to our work. Being flexible. It’s qualities like this that will help in the long run.

I also had more conversations with my peers outside the class than I actually saw them in school. Sometimes talk was about school, sometimes about things that had nothing to do with school. The point is - we talked. Thankfully, I’ve worked teams where the members put a high importance on relaxing together between our assignments.

I’ve enjoyed trivia games where my American friends quizzed me on United States history, while I quizzed them on Indian history. And hardly anyone from the class of 2017 would have missed out on my information session on ancient Indian history.

To those incoming students looking for social outlets, I would suggest finding a way to laugh. If it’s sharing things about your culture with others, or even inviting them to your place for a meal from your country, that would be a great start to friendships. What better way to foster diversity, understanding and acceptance? 

Recently, I took part in an Improv workshop at the local theatre where I could cut loose and be whoever I want.  I even attended a show after the workshop, which will be a memory that will last forever. I’ll also always remember the tailgates, hockey games, and end of the semester celebrations.

The friends I’ve made are essential to my well-being. We motivate each other whenever we find someone having a hard time. When we see each other, we hug as if we are long lost friends.


In conclusion, the social events which I have attended taught me a lot. For one thing, if nothing else, it is important to have a life outside of your work. It is important to open up and know the people around you. The small staff size gives you an opportunity to know every single soul around you and make lifelong friendships. Many of those I made, I will call “friends” for a long time after. 

What is hopefully accomplished is that through an active life outside of work you feel refreshed and energized to go back and tackle the job.