Carlson: Beyond the Classroom

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

For many people, “hitting the books” doesn’t sound as fun as spending time with friends, going to new places, or experiencing new things. While returning to school does require diligence in the classroom and dedication to further professional development, it doesn’t have to be completely structured or solitary. Getting involved in the various Carlson school-sponsored clubs and organizations can be a great way to continue the learning outside the classroom but in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Carlson’s clubs host events throughout the year that appeal to an expansive audience and allow anyone interested to get involved or participate. For example, last semester, I attended an event hosted by the MBA Veterans Association in honor of Veterans Day. Our Carlson Vets presented on the various branches of the U.S. Military and their personal experiences serving before returning to school. Within that same week, I also attended an event for our MBA Women’s Initiative as well as the Carlson Marketing Network. With ample possibilities for involvement, I have been able to directly apply my in-class learning to current business and social issues in the world.

Beyond being involved in a school setting, there are also opportunities to volunteer within the community and many events that are family-friendly. These events have really given me time outside of school to get to know everyone in the program better. Also, because school can be hectic and demanding, it is a great way to introduce the people you spend your days with (fellow students) to the people you spend your nights with (family). 

Taking advantage of these valuable experiences beyond the classroom is an important part of any MBA program and can be a great way to improve upon certain skills while increasing awareness and excitement for something you are passionate about.

Pile of Toys

Carlson volunteer event at Toys for Tots - we sorted this entire pile of toys!

Carlson "Family" at Bowling Alley

Carlson Holiday Bowling Event - fun for the whole family!