Military Veterans

Our Purpose

Military veterans have the distinct advantage of possessing the skills and determination necessary to succeed in the business world: you’ve bravely led others, overcome challenges, and honed organizational, problem-solving, and time-management skills. By pursuing an MBA degree, you’ll learn how to translate those skills into the business world for success in your civilian career.

Our Mission

Military veterans are fully supported by dedicated Carlson School and University of Minnesota personnel to help facilitate entry into, and success during and after, the Carlson MBA Program. It is our mission to:

  • help veterans assimilate back into an academic setting
  • provide financial support or guidance
  • provide a strong support network
  • translate acquired military skills into the practice of business

Our Military Presence


Class of 2022
(18 students)


Class of 2021
(14 Students)

Carlson MBA Veteran Students

A total of 120 FTMBA military veterans over the past 8 years, including:

  • 10 Air Force
  • 40 Army
  • 15 Army National Guard
  • 3 Air National Guard
  • 17 Marine
  • 35 Navy
  • Class of 2013: 2 military veterans in a class of 99 (2%)
  • Class of 2014: 7 military veterans in a class of 107 (6.5%)
  • Class of 2015: 16 military veterans in a class of 113 (14%)
  • Class of 2016: 20 military veterans in a class of 107 (19%)
  • Class of 2017: 14 military veterans in a class of 82 (17%)
  • Class of 2018: 19 military veterans in a class of 103 (18%)
  • Class of 2019: 17 military veterans in a class of 93 (18%)
  • Class of 2020: 18 military veterans in a class of 97 (19%)
  • Overall growth of nearly 19% in the military veteran population in Carlson's Full-Time MBA program in the past 6 years. All received a scholarship and/or stipend funding.

Taking the leap from military service to business school can be full of uncertainty. Learn more about what to expect from the Top MBA Program for Veterans in this Q&A with Charles Altman, director of the MBA Military & Veterans program at the Carlson School.

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Career Placement

A partial list of some other companies that have hired our Military Veterans for either full-time post-MBA employment or MBA summer internships:

Wells Fargo, General Mills, Upton Hill, UnitedHealth Group, Boston Consulting, Dish, Fuse, 3M, CH Robinson, Deloitte Consulting, Google, Land O'Lakes, MN Public Radio, Peabody Energy, Target, and vBench

Graduate Business Career Center Support for Military Students


Top Military Company/Organizations with Current Students & Alumni


Many military students work in a variety of functional areas including supply chain, entrepreneurship, and aerospace. The largest job functional areas for post-MBA military graduates are General Management, Military, Marketing, Strategy, Finance, and Consulting 

Military Scholarships

All Full-Time MBA military candidates receive support from the Carlson School. Scholarship awards for our Full-Time MBA military candidates range from $7,500 to full tuition with a stipend for living expenses. Dollar amounts depend in the caliber of the application and the amount of GI Bill benefit the student is receiving.

To provide financial support for students who are committing to full-time graduate study and attending our Full-Time MBA program, scholarships are awarded based on:

  • academic and professional merit
  • having served in one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces
  • having been deemed a military veteran

Veterans attending the University of Minnesota will be assessed resident tuition rates for their degrees. The resident tuition waiver will be automatic for veterans with a DD-214 on file that receives educational benefits. For more information or to receive in-state resident rates, please submit a copy of your DD-214 to University Veterans Services.

  • Buuck Military Veterans MBA Fellowship
  • Deloitte Military Veterans MBA Fellowship
  • Donald & Lorraine Freeberg Military Vets Fellowship
  • Gatens/Benson Military Veterans Fellowship
  • Graco Military Veterans MBA Fellowship
  • H. William Walter MBA Fellowship
  • John & Nancy Lindahl Military Veterans Fellowship
  • MBA Class of 2000 & 2002 Leadership Fellowship
  • Michael & Judy Mee Fellowship
  • Military Veterans Merit Fellowship
  • Newman's Own Military Veterans Fellowship
  • Polaris Military Veterans MBA Fellowship
  • Rangen/Erickson CSOM Military Vets MBA Fellowship
  • Robert Potts Military Veterans MBA Fellowship
  • Torgerson Family Military Veterans MBA Fellowship
  • United Healthcare Military Veterans MBA Fellowship
  • Victor & Fern Bates Scholarship
  • Wiehoff Family Military Veterans Fellowship
  • William and Jane Dudley Military Veterans Fellowship

Veteran Perspective

Military veteran Levi Severson, '13 MBA, reflects on his transition from the military into the Carlson Executive MBA

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Connect with Our Community

Chip Altman

Charles Altman, PhD

Director, MBA Veterans Program
Full-Time MBA Program

Charles is the Director, MBA Veterans Program at the Carlson School of Management, and holds a PhD in Higher Education from the College of Education at the University of Minnesota. Following commissioning through the Naval Aviation Officer Candidate School, Commander Altman entered flight training and was designated a Naval Flight Officer in 1983. His aviation career began that year as an aircraft mission commander was with Patrol Squadron Twenty-Two (VP-22), NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. He went on to serve years later as Commander, Pacific Patrol Squadron Det-1 San Diego in charge of a squadron consisting of 8 aircraft and 320 personnel on Coronado Island, California. Throughout his nearly 30 years of naval service, he amassed nearly 4,000 flight hours flying operationally in four separate combat squadrons located on air bases throughout the world.

Headshot of '23 MBA student Trevor Daddona

Trevor Daddona

President, Carlson Veterans Club
'23 MBA, Full-Time MBA Program

Trevor is a graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Milling Science and Management. Upon graduation, Trevor was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Minnesota Army National Guard. From 2019-2020, Trevor served overseas in Operation Spartan Shield and Operation Inherent Resolve with the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade in Iraq and Kuwait. Trevor currently serves as an Engineer officer in the 334th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division.

Military Veterans Funding Initiative

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