Brand Enterprise

Brand Enterprise

The Carlson Brand Enterprise (CBE) is not simply another classroom; it's a place of business. This is where you apply your theoretical knowledge through the insights of a team of academics and practitioners with experience in the marketing industry and gain hands-on experience that really matters to enhance your career. You will receive first-hand experience with all of the strategic and analytical components of brand and marketing consulting.

  • Learn core methodologies and frameworks used by professionals to analyze complex challenges
  • Access the latest theories and best practices for marketing and brand development
  • Use yours skills to help real customers get the results they need
  • Work with a professional director who manages the Brand Enterprise

A Career Investment

The Carlson School Enterprises offer an opportunity to build your resume and to develop a unique, differentiating career portfolio. CBE graduates get an MBA while gaining the experience of working in a professional services firm environment. Many student consultants use the Brand Enterprise to make the career transition into the marketing field from another discipline.


The Enterprise offers networking opportunities. In addition to the advantages of working with senior corporate management on marketing and business challenges, the Brand Enterprise's Executive Advisory Board of top executives serve as mentors and advocates for student consultants. In most cases, student consultants are connected with internships and jobs directly through the resources of the Brand Enterprise

Alumni Perspective

"The Brand Enterprise experience allowed me to hit the ground running at my job.

From project management experience to frameworks in marketing and strategy, I constantly reference projects and skills learned from the Brand Enterprise. It gave me the skills to approach complex situations, uncover the key issues, and then find the most effective solutions. It also helped me understand how to build a case that influences others to accept the solutions offered."

Sarah Shanley Hope, MBA '07, Corporate Brand Management, Cargill

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