Experiential Learning

Visit any business school website and you’re guaranteed to see the words “experiential learning.”

Everyone touts hands-on, practical projects as an important part of their curriculum … but very few can deliver truly immersive, career-shaping experiences like the Carlson Full-Time MBA Program.

In our signature Carlson School Enterprise Programs, you’ll take on real projects for paying clients that range from nonprofits to Fortune 500s. You’ll work in small teams where everyone is accountable. You’ll get individualized coaching from the dedicated, industry-seasoned professionals who run the Enterprises. And you’ll stand in front of senior executives and deliver solutions that will impact their organizations.

The Carlson School Enterprise Programs

With two semester-long assignments that span both years of your MBA education, the Enterprises provide a crucial advantage: They prepare you for an internship and then allow you to apply lessons from your summer work to a new project. It’s a rich, iterative experience will continually sharpen your skills and build your confidence.

When graduation arrives, you’ll be prepared for whatever is next.

How is experiential learning different at Carlson?

Carlson Typical business school
Enterprise Programs stretch across two years Disconnected, one-off projects
Individualized coaching from program directors
with industry experience
Oversight from faculty member or program
Regular contact with clients, including senior executives Limited client contact
Small-group experience that plays to your
professional interests
Large-class projects shared across groups


Experiential Learning Experiences

Hear how the experiential learning component of the Carlson MBA Program gave these alumni practical, hands-on business experience. 

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