Fall Classes

Course Number Title Credits
CMBA 5611 Statistics & Decision Making 3 credits
CMBA 5612 Financial Accounting 3 credits
CMBA 5613 Organizational Behavior 3 credits
CMBA 5614 Operations Management 3 credits


Each semester all students are automatically enrolled in classes for the next semester. No need to worry about when registration is open, what classes to take or how to register -- we do that for you! The only thing you need to do each semester is make sure your student account is current, and that you do not have a "hold" with the University.

Books and Course Materials

Your books and course materials are included in the Executive MBA program fee. All course materials are purchased and distributed by the Executive MBA staff. Regarding requests for replacement course materials, the following applies:

If a book or case is damaged when it arrives from the publisher, the item should be returned to the Executive MBA office. You will be given a replacement free of charge as soon as it is available.

If you damage, lose or destroy any of your course materials and would like replacements, see the Student Affairs Manager about ordering new books or cases. Students are responsible for the cost of replacement course materials under these circumstances.

Faculty Contact List

Fall Semester 2014
Faculty Course Email
Frank Gigler Financial Accounting gigle003@umn.edu
Chris Nachtsheim Statistics and Decision Making nacht001@umn.edu
Mary Zellmer-Bruhn Organizational Behavior zellm002@umn.edu
Enno Siemsen Operations Management siems017@umn.edu
Spring Semester 2015
Faculty Course Email

Toby Nord

Dan Forbes

Entrepreneurship & Innovation



Rick Nelson Financial Management rnelson@umn.edu
Joe Redden Marketing Management jredden@umn.edu
Aks Zaheer Business Strategy zaheer002@umn.edu


  • 612-625-5555