Set Yourself Apart as a Business Economist

The Master of Science in Applied Economics (MS-APEC) and Master of Business of Administration (MBA) prepare leaders who, armed with a thorough understanding of both applied economics and business, are ready to innovate, create, and inspire.  This dual degree provides tremendous benefits to students who will be:

  • Managers that need to have the skills and knowledge of how to harvest, process and analyze data to extract important insights as they relate to business, environmental and resource economics, food systems, and development and trade.
  • Supervisors who understand the intersection between both roles in a corporation.
  • Leaders who are trained in high-level management and leadership competencies that extend across these sectors

Students enrolled in the dual APEC/MBA program have the benefit of bolstering one degree with the other. Students in the APEC program will gain more extensive business skills that will give them an advantage in this arena as they are competing against other candidates that may not have a similar background in both applied economics and business. Likewise, students in the MBA program will learn how to further harvest, process, and analyze data as it relates to applied economics along with a background in agricultural, commodity markets and/or other food markets. A dual APEC/MBA degree will allow students with both degrees to function at the highest level of leadership in organizations both big and small.


The APEC/MBA degree combines the strengths of two existing programs from the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota; creating unique learning opportunities for students that allow them to employ their skills and knowledge to areas outside the traditional single-degree career paths.  Students in the APEC/MBA program will enjoy the use of career services in both programs along with advising, registration, and student clubs and activities across both schools.

Students will meet the requirements for the dual degree in three years.  Students enrolled in this dual program are admitted to the Applied Economics MS program and Full-Time MBA programs only (Part-Time MBA students will not be able to complete this degree plan).  To complete in this time frame students will carry a very demanding course load, but with a credit reduction benefit of a dual degree program.  At the end of three years, students will have completed a minimum number of 77 credits.  Students who complete the degrees separately would have to complete a minimum of 95 credits.  

Candidates may apply for both programs at the same time prior to any enrollment at the University of Minnesota, or current MS-APEC students may apply to the Full-Time MBA Program during fall of their first year of study in the MS-APEC program.  After acceptance into the dual degree program, students meet with both their APEC and MBA advisors to be sure that their study plan satisfy both degree requirements. 


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