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Careers in Analytics

Where can analytics take your career? Just about anywhere you want to go.

Studying analytics gives you endless options. Companies everywhere are hiring data professionals to lead businesses into the future. Gain analytics expertise and you’re on your way to all kinds of possibilities.

Opportunities Await

Carlson School MSBA alumni discuss what it's like to work in the field of analytics.

Gain the analytics skills to land your next job.
And the next. And the next.

The field of analytics is broad, and that means lots of choices. You can focus on functional areas such as analytics for marketing, HR, or supply chain management. Or you can specialize in a particular kind of analytics work, such as data visualization, testing, experimentation, Big Data, or predictive modeling. And because data has become essential to all kinds of businesses, you can work in just about any industry that interests you.

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Picture Your Future

Analytics alum Andrea Montez
working for a global professional services firm like Andrea Montez, '20 MSBA
MSBA alum Shuo Feng, '16
building a career in tech, first at Google, and now at TikTok like Shuo Feng, '16 MSBA
Priyanka Singhal, '19 MSBA
working as a data scientist at US Bank like Priyanka Singhal, '19 MSBA
Bill Eerdmans '17 MSBA
helping to feed the world at Cargill like Bill Eerdmans, '17 MSBA
average annual starting salary for Carlson MSBA grads is $98,000

Strong Demand

Companies everywhere need talented professionals who understand and can work with data. Careers in analytics pay well, even for those new to the field. The average starting salary for MSBA graduates was $98,000 (as of July 2021).

MSBA class of 2016

It's not too late (or too early) to enter the field of analytics.

Whether you're still in college or looking for a mid-career change, there's an analytics program for you. Click the tabs above to learn more.

About to finish your undergraduate program? Wondering what's next?

Rachel Wolfe Celander, '18 MSBA
Rachel Celander, '18 MSBA, joined right out of undergrad; now works at Target

A graduate degree in analytics could be the perfect complement to your undergraduate studies. Students with STEM backgrounds can broaden their career prospects by learning to apply data analytics to a wide range of business problems. One more year of school and a graduate degree in analytics can boost your starting salary by more than $25,000.

Undergraduate students from business, economics, social sciences, and other fields should also consider an analytics education. Critical thinking, consultation skills, the ability to communicate, and curiosity are just as valuable in this field. A program like the Carlson School's will help you develop the quantitative and technical skills that will make you a seriously marketable job candidate.

Recommended program:

MS in Business Analytics

Maximize your earning potential early on.

Kaveri Singhan, '18 MSBA
Kaveri Singhan, '18 MSBA, built on her previous experience at Credit Suisse; now works at Dell

Salary is one of many indicators of success, and the Carlson School's MSBA program can help you get ahead early on. In one rigorous year, Carlson School MSBA students significantly boost their earning potential.

Do you know the average starting salary for someone with a bachelor's degree in your major compared with an MS in Business Analytics from the Carlson School? The average starting salary for MSBA graduates was $98,000 (as of July 2021).

Recommended programs:

One-Year MS in Business Analytics

Part-Time Master of Applied Business Analytics

If you're ready for a change, business needs you.

Colin Robertson, '19 MSBA
US Army Veteran Colin Robertson, '19 MSBA, now works for Minnesota Twins baseball

The field of analytics is thriving and job opportunities are everywhere. If you're feeling stalled or unsatisfied in your current career, maybe it's time to make a change. Each year the Carlson School welcomes established professionals who are ready to take their careers to the next level with a graduate degree in analytics.

From biologists to Japanese language instructors, and from journalists to military veterans, students come from all kinds of previous experiences to study analytics at the Carlson School. Some choose the one-year MSBA program and are back on the job market in a matter of months. Others opt for the part-time master of applied analytics, designed for those who want to continue working while they learn.

Recommended programs:

One-Year MS in Business Analytics

Part-Time Master of Applied Business Analytics

Ready to start or advance your career in data analytics?

Explore business analytics graduate programs:

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