About the Host

The Carlson School of Management’s Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) is shaping the future of the medical industry and driving innovation through cutting-edge leadership education, research, and market development. MILI achieves this mission by offering a best-in-class MBA program with specialized knowledge of the medical industry. Our students join the leadership-track programs of the largest and most creative medical industry firms, ranging from insurers to healthcare providers, consultants to medical technology manufactures.

We are committed to creating opportunities for mutual student and industry benefit through experiential learning that enables and accelerates new innovations. Our classes cover hands-on product development, financing, market research, and management plans – cultivating the next generation of leaders for the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

MILI is, above all, a collaborative forum that supports the medical industry and those who lead it at every stage. MILI’s vast connections create consistent top-level engagement among students, entrepreneurs, policymakers, business leaders, and financiers all focused on the advancement of the medical industry on a sustainable global scale.

To learn more about the Medical Industry Leadership Institute, please visit our website.