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Demand for Supply Chain Leaders

The MS in Supply Chain Management Program accelerates students’ careers in a growing field, whether these professionals are looking to advance in their current organization or are seeking a new challenge. The need for emerging supply chain talent continues to grow at a rapid pace. The MS SCM Program equips students with the knowledge base and strategic mindset to fill this talent gap.

Career Services

The Carlson Business Career Center (CBCC) offers a variety of career services to support MS SCM students in achieving their professional goals. Through individual coaching sessions (either in person or virtually), CBCC professional coaches can help students think about their career development in new ways and craft strategies to reach their objectives.

Other CBCC services and resources include:

  • Resume and LinkedIn reviews
  • Professional development workshops
  • Networking events  

In a decade when baby boomers will retire in droves, supply chain organizations will need to raise their game in recruiting. Data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest we will see significant growth in supply chain-related jobs between 2010 and 2020. Yet the talent qualified for these increasingly high-skill positions is scarce.

Deliotte Report: Supply Chain Talent of the Future (2015)

Companies are finding that the growing complexity of supply chains has a significant consequence: hiring the right people to build and manage the expansive operations is more difficult than ever.

The Wall Street Journal (May 2015)
Fen Chen - GBCC

Meet with the MS SCM Career Coach

Fen Chen
Associate Director and Career Coach

Graduate Business Career Center