Group of Students Working Together

What Makes Us Unique

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I never take it for granted, but sometimes I do forget just how special our relationship with the business community is.

The recent undergraduate rankings from Poets&Quants not only reminded me of our incomparable engagement with the business community, it reinforced why this relationship is so important to our students.

According to Poets&Quants, no other business school is more likely to provide a “signature experience” to its undergraduates than the Carlson School. Yes, being embedded in such a robust and diverse business community does give us an advantage over our peers, but it’s more than just our proximity to these firms.

We are so fortunate that this business community and its leaders recognize how partnering with the state’s business school benefits all. They understand that by providing our students with platforms for experience, they are helping create the globally-minded workforce that will help them and our region continue to succeed and grow.

After a visit to the Carlson School, John Byrne of Poets&Quants was amazed at how integrated we are with the business community and how this created “a laboratory for learning.” We need to lose our Minnesota modesty and celebrate it.

I am so appreciative of the commitment our business leaders have made to this school. I am tremendously proud of how this school has been so innovative in partnering with business to create transformative experiential learning opportunities for our students. And I am thrilled that our alumni, upon entering the workforce, have recognized the value of these signature experiences.