Class of 2015 Program Placement Rates: 96% MBA, 97.9% Undergraduate, & 100% MSBA

Three Figures that Speak Volumes

Thursday, November 12, 2015

These are the respective placement rates of our Full-Time MBA, Undergraduate, and MSBA Programs at 90 days after graduation. 

These three figures also speak volumes to the quality of Carlson School students, our instruction and our career services. They also are the result of recognizing how business is our classroom.  

Today’s students are active learners – they learn by doing, they need to go deeper and broader by working on real-life, high-impact projects. To do this well, business schools have to be more flexible and have to reach out across disciplines and sectors to coalesce industry with academics. We have done an amazing job at this and our strategic plan calls for even more, particularly at the undergraduate level. 

We’ve also excelled in recognizing that recruiters and employers are not looking for order takers. They are looking for employees who have the knowledge, the drive, and the confidence to be able to deliver when facing “leadership moments” – times when they need to step up to take a project forward, often working in diverse, global teams in ambiguous environments and on complex problems. This takes the right mix of critical thinking, analytics, teambuilding, and cultural skills, which are best developed in hands-on project courses or live cases with real deliverables. Again, this is an area at which we excel and our new leadership curriculum will keep us on the leading edge.

As pleased as I am with the success of our career placement rates, I recognize that we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. We much continue to listen to our students and partner with business and with other disciplines so that we are delivering on tomorrow’s needs, not yesterday’s.