Ambition and a Carlson School Degree Are a Powerful Combination

Friday, February 21, 2014

Recently, The Financial Times wrote a wonderful story that chronicled John Stumpf's amazing journey from a Minnesota farm to chief executive of one of our nation's largest companies (Wells Fargo). He shared in the article how a coalescence of academic theory and day-to-day practical application that he experienced while earning his Carlson MBA at night changed his life.

Since reading it, I can't help wondering how many more of our current students or alumni will join John Stumpf (or McKesson's John Hammergren) as heads of Fortune 500 firms. Or think how many will become entrepreneurs and introduce a product or service that completely changes the way we lead our lives for the better.

The path to greatness is rarely a short one. Thankfully, John Stumpf has reminded us that while not easy anything is possible for Carlson School graduates.