Spring 2018

Leading a major change initiative, whether cutting costs, managing through a crisis, or making good great, can be the defining point of a career. But according to McKinsey, only 30% of change initiatives succeed, equating to high risk for the individuals and organizations involved. 

This course is designed for:

Leaders across all functional areas (e.g., marketing, finance, information systems, operations, HR), with P & L or significant project/functional responsibility.

Course overview:

Flip the Odds in Your Favor.

Learn a new change mindset, adopt a conscious approach, and discover tools fit for the challenge – to flip the probability of success for a current or upcoming major initiative.

Learning outcomes:

Senior leaders will increase their ability to:

  • Successfully plan, execute, and sustain significant change initiatives
  • Avoid common change-related pitfalls and missteps
  • Establish leadership credibility in times of transition
  • Remain visible and actively drive change throughout the change initiative
  • Cultivate an organization that embraces change