Consulting Enterprise

Consulting Enterprise

Strategy. Business planning. Financial management. Organizational design. Supply chain and operations.

In the Carlson Consulting Enterprise (CCE) you will gain real world experiences while working with clients; resulting in a positive impact on their business and your career development. Student-led teams are assigned to work on a live client project which is supplemented and enhanced by a weekly class that teaches structured thinking and project management skills. You will participate in projects with premier companies, develop relationships with recognized business leaders, and differentiate yourself from other job candidates from competing top-ranked schools.

  • Provides real-world business solutions for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size corporations, and non-profit organizations
  • Teaches an approach to business problems in a consultative fashion
  • Gives direct coaching, mentoring, client interaction, and direct feedback
  • Helps you to recognize how to exceed expectations, not merely meet them

Career Changing Experiences

Sara Moret, '16 MBA, used the Carlson Consulting Enterprise to shape her career path and ultimately helped her land a job at Bain & Co.

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