The China Executive MBA program takes place primarily in Guangzhou, China, and is a two-year program consisting of 16 courses and a two-week international residency in Minnesota at the culmination of the program. Each course is scheduled over two consecutive weekends, allowing students to conduct studies and research in between. Along with a rigorous curriculum, the program gives business leaders opportunities to work with a diverse group of peers and top international faculty committed to cutting-edge research. One highlight of the program is the Global Team Project (GTP), which begins in the fall and concludes in May during the Global Executive MBA Residency at the University of Minnesota. The GTP will not only provide students the unique opportunity to work in a collaborative team environment across cultures, industries, and markets, but also a dynamic environment that fosters international skill sets.

Learn from Top Faculty

Classes are taught by preeminent faculty in business who hold a strong commitment to teaching and learning. Students are expected to fully engage with the class content and discussions facilitated by faculty.

Rigorous Curriculum

The China Executive MBA program is designed for professionals with extensive business and management experience to learn with their peers coming from diverse industries, organizations, and backgrounds. A key component of the classes will be the reading of cases based on real issues facing well-known organizations and leaders.

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