A Dynamic Field of Study

The field of human resources and industrial relations encompasses all aspects of the employment relationship, from human resource management to labor relations and beyond. By blending theory and practice, our degree programs provide our full-time and part-time students with a multi-disciplinary foundation in economics, psychology, business, ethics, culture, and law.

Current research and practice issues include:

  • How organizations empower employees and unleash intellectual capital to succeed in the global economy.
  • How HR professionals move beyond administration to become strategic business partners.
  • How the field of HRIR provides leadership as organizations reinvent themselves to focus on core competencies?
  • How employment is becoming more family-friendly, flexible, and responsive.
  • How to create public policies and grow institutions that balance the interests of workers and employers in a global economy.

In-depth Education

Students in the Carlson School MHRIR Program delve into the core issues of the human resources discipline through relevant coursework, with the help of dedicated, student-focused faculty.

"You're not going to get a better or a more well-rounded education in any other program. At Carlson, you'll take classes with MBA students who will be your peers and help make you successful when you go into your first job. In this program, you're in the middle of a great community"

– Marc Gauthier 2013, MA-HRIR HR Generalist, Honeywell

"The academics and professional connections at the Carlson School intrigued me. You have leaders in HR right at your fingertips--the people writing the books. Being in the Twin Cities helps you develop relationships and get professional experience while in the program, which is invaluable."

– Tyna Washington 2011, MA-HRIR HR Advisor, Exxon Mobil
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