Program Structure

Whether you’re looking to fast-track your program or to take your time and engage the full host of activities and opportunities at the Carlson School, the Part-Time MBA Program flexes to fit into your busy life. Customize your program to meet your priorities.

We offer several different course formats within our traditional fall, spring, and summer semesters. Most of the classes are offered in the evening during the week and on Saturdays. You can spend less time traveling to and from school by taking most of your courses online and in condensed formats. If limiting your time on campus, minimizing your commute, and maintaining geographic flexibility are part of what you are looking for in a program, online and condensed format courses will support completing your degree on your terms.

MBA Course Formats:

2 Credit courses: 

  • A-term: first seven weeks of the semester, two credit core or elective courses, meeting once a week.
  • B-term: last seven weeks of the semester, two credit core or elective courses, meeting once a week.
  • Condensed: two credit core or elective courses, meeting three full days. This course may meet for three consecutive weeks, every other week for three weeks or three times in two weeks. The timing of the condensed course offerings change each semester. We now have some condensed courses that meet 4-5 times for half-days.

3 Credit courses: 

  • All three credit courses are core course, meeting once a week. 

4 Credit courses: 

  • All four credit courses are elective course, meeting once a week. In summer, our 4 credit courses will meet twice a week.


  • These can be three credit core courses or two/four credit elective courses.

To help you envision your path to an MBA, we've mapped out three of the most common degree completion timelines:

>2.5 years: If finishing your degree in as little time as possible is your goal - you can complete the program in as quickly as two and a half years.

>3 years: If you are looking to have the perfect balance of work, school and life - this timeline tends to be a great option and is most common for our Part-Time students. 

>4 years: If your career involves a lot of travel or you experience a major life a event, you can choose to take fewer classes to help balance your schedule. 

These are three examples of possible approaches to completing your MBA degree. You have the power to complete your degree on your timeline, with limited in-person coursework, or with a specialization that matches your career goals. The flexibility offered by the Carlson School empowers students to map degree paths that are as individual as they are. 

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