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Brand Matters - Kwittken

Aaron Kwittken, Global Chairman & CEO, KWT Global
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Judged. Rated. Berated.

Learn how companies are standing up for what they believe in, or standing down when their brands-and their leaders-are in crisis.

Full List of Past Speakers: 2000 - current

2000-2001 Season

Vickie Abrahamson and Mary Meehan, Principals, Iconoculture, Inc.
Jerry Storch, Vice Chairman, Target Corporation
Robert Stephens, Chief Inspector, The Geek Squad
Kevin Lane Keller, Professor, Amos Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

2001-2002 Season

Joseph Pine, Co-founder, Strategic Horizons LLP
Cynthia Gray, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Wells Fargo
Betsy Brown, Director of Marketing, Xcel Energy
Ken Powaga, Senior Vice President, Custom Research, Inc.

2002-2003 Season

Kent D. Seltman, Director of Marketing, Mayo Clinic
Stephen R. Bergerson, Advertising & Entertainment Law Group, Fredrikson & Byron
Lee Lynch, Co-founder, Carmichael Lynch
Chris Toal, Director of Marketing, Caribou Coffee

2003-2004 Season

James H. White, Vice President, International Multifoods
Patrick Hanlon, Principal, Thinktopia, Inc.
Janine Heffelfinger, Director, Brand Design, General Mills, Inc.
Diane Utzman-O’Neil, Vice President of Brand Management, and Noel Schenker, Senior Vice President of Marketing and New Business Development, Select Comfort

2004-2005 Season

Dave Norton, Vice President, Experience Strategy and Research & Nathalie Wilson, Vice President, Account Strategy, Yamamoto Moss
Derek Scott, Marketing Manager, Victory Motorcycles, Polaris Industries, Inc.
Barry Judge, Senior Vice President, Consumer and Brand Marketing, Best Buy Co. Inc.
Matt Crum, Director, North Atlantic KLEENEX® Brand Development, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

2005-2006 Season

Moira Cullen, Creative Development Strategist, Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Kim M. Sharan, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Ameriprise Financial
Michael D. Keller, Chief Brand Officer, American Dairy Queen
Akshay R. Rao, Chairman of the Department of Marketing & Logistics Management, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

2006-2007 Season

Yvonne La Penotiere, President, Carlson Hotels Worldwide—The Americas
Joseph Pine, Co-founder, Strategic Horizons LLP
Ann Ness, Vice President, Brand, Cargill, Inc.

2007-2008 Season

Bruce Mau, Founder, Bruce Mau Design, Inc.
Scott W. Hardy, Executive Vice President, Product Group, Polaroid
Steve Moss, CMO, Imation

2008-2009 Season

Stan Gadek, President and CEO, Sun Country Airlines
John Gerzema, Author, The Brand Bubble
Mary Rapaport, Vice President of Marketing, Universal Hospital Services, Inc.

2009-2010 Season

Lee Aase, Manager of Syndication and Social Media, Mayo Clinic
Trish Adams, Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Target
Greta Moran, Manager of Brand Identity and Creative Services, Delta
Dan Stangler, Marketing Manager, General Mills, Inc.

2010-2011 Season

Faris Yakob, Chief Innovations Officer, MDC Partners
Marcia Miller, Vice President of Brand, Advertising and Interactive Marketing, UnitedHealthcare 
Mark Addicks, Chief Marketing Officer, General Mills, Inc.
Regan Hall Reinerth, Senior Marketing Manager, National Marrow Donor Program

2011-2012 Season

David Clark, Vice President, Häagen-Dazs International Strategic Business Unit
Heidi Thom, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, Ecolab
Kevin Lane Keller, author and Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

2012-2013 Season

Dick Lynch, Chief Global Brand Officer, Popeyes
Jeff Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, Target
Ravi Bapna, Professor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
Abbey Klaassen, Editor, AdAge

2013-2014 Season

Krae Lausch, Senior Creative Director, Life Time Fitness
Carlos Torelli, Associate Professor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
Jim Weber, CEO, Brooks Running Company
Michael Keller, CEO, Pearson’s Candy Company

2014-2015 Season

Maureen Bausch, EVP of Business Development, Mall of America
Bridget Russo, Marketing Director, Shinola
Patrick Hanlon, CEO and Founder, Thinktopia
Chris Policinski, President and CEO, Land O’Lakes, Inc.

2015-2016 Season

Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand and Communications Officer, Deluxe
Butch Burns, Coca-Cola, and Dave Fransen, Fast Horse
Andy Thieman, Executive Creative Director, Yamamoto
Jennifer Neuman, Vice President, Brand Management and Strategy, U.S. Bank

2016-2017 Season

Gary Johnson, president and Jayne Haugen Olson, Vice President, MSP-Communications
Mark Derks, Director of Global Marketing, C.H. Robinson
Allison Murn, Former Vice President of Marketing, Cameron's Coffee
Tim Goldsmin, VP of Marketing, Jack Link's

2017-2018 Season

Ola Mobolade, Managing Director, Firefly Millward Brown
Michael Fanuele, CEO, Talk Like Music
Maureen Bausch, CEO, Minnesota Super Bowl