Going Global Fall 2016

Vienna Seminar Celebrates 20 Years

Over 40 students, faculty, and staff gathered in October to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Vienna Seminar (now known as the Global Business Practicum in Central and Eastern). The course, which was first offered in 1996, is a collaboration with the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). It provides graduate students from both schools an opportunity to work in cross-cultural teams to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to a live project for a sponsor firm. Students work together virtually on the project for a half semester and then Carlson School students travel to Europe to work with their peers from WU to finish their research and develop and present final recommendations to the sponsor firm. Past sponsors have included 3M, Toro, Loyalty Partner, and Hormel and have ranged from market entry and marketing to organizational development. Since 1996, over 300 Carlson School students have participated in the course.

Education Abroad Influences Career Choices of Two MBA Students

Students often articulate that their international experience changed their lives in big and small ways. Recently, two MBA alumni shared their stories with the Carlson School.

Kelly Jorgenson, MBA '12, participated in the India Seminar class led by Mani Subramani. She credits this course with inspiring her to pursue an opportunity with Medtronic to support healthcare delivery in emerging markets. Read more about Kelly's journey.

Sarah Pritzker, MBA '16, also participated in the India Seminar. Her background in entrepreneurship helped her uncover a new business opportunity when she sampled a local food, puffed lotus seed. The seeds taste like popcorn but have greater health benefits. She created Karmic Kitchens and is now selling the product at the Minneapolis Farmer's market.

Staff Present Best Practices at Internationalizing the Campus and Curriculum Conference

The University of Minnesota Global Programs and Strategy Alliance hosts a biannual conference to showcase programs, research, and initiatives that are contributing to the internationalization of the curriculum and campus at the University. Approximately 300 faculty and staff attended the 2016 conference in September which included a luncheon address by University of Minnesota Provost Karen Hanson.

Carlson Global Institute staff shared examples with attendees at the conference in September through poster presentations and breakout sessions.

How to Talk About Difference: Leveraging Virtual Space in International Education
Presenter: Lauren Dickinson, Carlson Global Institute, Twin Cities

Building Community through Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams
Presenters: Lauren Dickinson, Carlson Global Institute, Twin Cities; and Stacy Doepner-Hove, Carlson School of Management, Twin Cities

Measuring the Long-term Impact of the Carlson International Experience
Presenters: Kirsten Canterbury, Anne D'Angelo, Kate Diamond, and Michael Houston, Carlson Global Institute, Twin Cities

Internationalizing the Carlson School Undergraduate Mentorship Program
Presenters: Chad Ellsworth, Undergraduate Business Career Center, Carlson School of Management, Twin Cities; Sarah Oehler, Institutional Advancement, Carlson School of Management, Twin Cities; Jennie Meinz, Carlson Global Institute, Twin Cities; as well as student panelists

GLOBE Student Group: Student-led Engagement with International Exchange Students
Presenters: Kate Terry, Carlson Global Institute, Twin Cities; and Melanie Vossberg, Carlson School of Management, Twin Cities

Capitalizing on Location and Time: Lessons Learned from an Embedded Program
Presenters: Kirsten Canterbury and Lauren Dickinson, Carlson Global Institute, Twin Cities; and Steve Spruth, Carlson School of Management, Twin Cities
The "BizAbroad Slam": Integrating Student Re-Entry Opportunities within Established Campus Events
Presenter: Anne Miner, Carlson Global Institute, Twin Cities


New Exchange Partnership with Aalto University in Finland

The Carlson School of Management recently entered into an exchange agreement with Aalto University in Finland. Student exchange will commence in fall of 2017. Aalto was founded in 2010 when the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki merged.

There has been an increased interest among students in Nordic destinations. According to the Carlson School's Director for Global Immersion Jennie Meinz, "We are excited to add Aalto University School of Business to our exchange portfolio because of the school's focus on merging highly qualified scientific research with corporate connections - students gain a combination of theoretical studies and real business life experience. Students have access to interdisciplinary courses combining business, art, design, architecture, and science. The curriculum aligns with the Carlson School's expertise and curricular options in entrepreneurship such as the Entrepreneurship in Action course and the Minnesota Cup."

Staff Studies Innovation and Trade Dynamics in Australia

Jennifer Hawkins, Director for Strategic Initiatives and Engagement at the Carlson Global Institute, was awarded a 2016 Endeavor Executive Fellowship by the Australian Department of Education. She was hosted by the America Chamber of Commerce in Australia over the summer and her fellowship explored the roles of third-sector organizations (business associations and universities specifically) in supporting the innovation and trade dynamic between the U.S. and Australia. She published her findings in a blog post for the American Chamber of Commerce.

Cuban Academic Speaks at Carlson School

Relations between Cuba and the U.S. entered a new stage in December 2014, when President Obama and Fidel Castro announced negotiations that led to the restoration of diplomatic relations, followed by new talks in search of normalization. However, these are just the most recent developments in a long, complicated, and intertwined history. Dr. Ernesto Dominguez Lopez, professor of history and political science at the University of Havana, recently spoke to a group of students, faculty, and community members at the Carlson School. His talk centered on the history underpinning Cuban-American relations and provided insights into how those relations are evolving and shaping new economic opportunities.

Global Matters: New Videos Posted to YouTube Channel

Eight new videos have been added to the Global Matters playlist on YouTube. They feature Chuck Edward, head of talent acquisition at Microsoft, and Erin Meyer, author of The Culture Map.  
Chuck Edward: Trends in Finding Global Talent
Chuck Edward: Attributes of Global Leaders
Chuck Edward: Importance of Clarity for Global Firms
Chuck Edward: What it Means to be "Global"
Erin Meyer: Why We Need a Map When Working Across Cultures
Erin Meyer: Cultural Differences and Working Remotely
Erin Meyer: Using Yes or No Questions When Working in Foreign Countries
Erin Meyer: Retaining Authenticity While Working In Foreign Countries

New Members Join Carlson Global Institute Advisory Council

In 2012 the Carlson Global Institute reestablished its external advisory council to provide insights into current and relevant global management trends and issues and to guide the Institute's program development, outreach, and engagement efforts. This fall the Carlson Global Institute welcomed 10 new additions to its Advisory Council. The new members joined 10 continuing members. New members include:

  •     Tim Barinka, Vice President of Marketing at Hormel Foods International
  •     Judy Carle, Chief Financial Officer for Technical Solutions at Pentair
  •     Gail Gibbs, Vice President and General Manager of Exclusive Brands at Best Buy
  •     Trevor Gunn, Vice President of International Relations at Medtronic  
  •     Mark Hong, Vice President or North America Surface Transportation at C.H. Robinson
  •     Suresh Krishna, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations, Supply Chain and Lean Officer at Select Comfort
  •     Leah Larson, Vice President of Marketing - Global Portfolio Strategy at EcoLab
  •     Kathleen Motzenbecker, Executive Director of the Minnesota Trade Office
  •     Joe Ramaker, Vice President, Finance, Planning and Analysis at Cargill
  •     Richard Trembley, Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Banking, Bank of America

The full list of council members can be found on the Carlson Global Institute website.