Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Project Emerge & Camp Emerge?

Project Emerge is a year-round program designed to expose non-business students to the basics of management. Anyone can sign-up for Project Emerge updates and opportunities. This includes optional events throughout the school year, email updates, and other leadership opportunities focused on getting ALL majors ready for the business aspects of their future careers. 

Camp Emerge is a selective, application-based three-day business leadership camp offered in the summer. Each spring, a cohort of high-achieving, diverse students is selected to participate in the Camp Emerge experience. As a Camp Emerge participant, you will join a peer group of curious learners eager to gain perspective from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences. Camp Emerge is designed to bring together future community leaders and provide management leadership training. 

Even if you are not selected for or decide not to apply to Camp Emerge, stay involved with Project Emerge for excellent training and development opportunities throughout the year!

I'm not from Minnesota, may I still get involved?

Yes! Project Emerge welcomes participants from all over the United States and world. Sign-up for updates and consider applying to Camp Emerge no matter your geographic location. 

I am not a business student and have no business experience. Is Project Emerge right for me?

Project Emerge is designed for you! Whether you're an engineering major or a dance major, Project Emerge is designed to help students from ALL academic backgrounds get ready for the business aspects of their future careers. Whether you're working for a non-profit, government agency, startup company, or major corporation, business and management basics will help prepare you for your future. 

I am a business student. Is Project Emerge right for me?

Even though Project Emerge is designed for ALL majors, we welcome high-achieving, diverse business students. Those who crave perspective through an interdisciplinary, diverse community are especially encouraged to apply. 

What does "diverse" mean?

Project Emerge is designed for high-achieving, diverse students. This means people of color, women, LGBTQ, and first-generation students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 

How does the Camp Emerge application process work?

The application cycle for Camp Emerge will open in early April.

  • April - May: Application Open
  • May 31: Application Deadline
  • Early June: Selection Notification

The application will be an online form. Check back at the beginning of April for additional information.