Medtronic, Inc. engaged the Consulting Enterprise to perform a detailed market analysis of the interventional pain management market. The student team was tasked with analyzing overall market dynamics and evaluating an array of opportunities to determine which had the biggest potential for growth and fit for Medtronic. 


The team identified the issues and sensitivities inherent to the project, then devised a highly structured research plan that included interviews with key stakeholders as well as extensive primary market research. They examined patient needs, decision-making processes, system gaps, emerging technologies, and more.


Following an in-depth analysis, the students developed detailed recommendations on segments and technologies for the company to consider. According to Medtronic Marketing Director Hijaz Haris, their work was “on par with leading management consulting companies.”

patrick sieglingInvaluable experience

"The project allowed us to partner with the client to identify real, winnable, and worthwhile expansion opportunities. It offered me the chance to work with a market-leading client that wanted us to address a very real, complex strategic question.

It undoubtedly propelled my education and career to a higher level. The general question that the client asked our team to address is one that's faced by most business leaders today: 'How can the company achieve top-line growth while maintaining bottom-line margins?'

Getting to solutions required that the team think strategically about our client's specific product line in a healthcare environment that is changing rapidly."

- Patrick Siegling, '13 MBA, '13 MHA