Wei Wang

Wei Wang

PhD candidate
Work & Organizations


  • M.S. 2014
    Business Administration University of British Columbia


  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Dysfunctional Work Behaviors


Wei Wang is a doctoral student in the department of Work and Organizations, Carlson School of Management. Wei employs diversified research methods (i.e. field surveys, lab experiments, & field experiments) to investigate leadership and ethics research questions in the contexts of internship, promotion, career development, gender bias, and stigmatization. Wei's work has been published in Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, and Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior.

Wei's dissertation develops and investigates a dynamic theory of leader (un)ethicality with three essays. Essay 1 proposes a typology of how leader (un)ethicality evolves over time and theorizes on when changes in leader (un)ethicality occur. Essay 2 examines the dynamic relationship between ethical leadership and abusive supervision over time and the mechanisms that facilitate the changes. Essay 3 develops self-implementable micro-interventions for leaders to intervene in the trajectories of leader (un)ethicality. This dissertation contributes to the literature on leader (un)ethicality by enriching our understanding of the occurrence, processes, and conditions of changes in leader (un)ethicality over time.

When Wei is not doing research or teaching, he enjoys playing tennis, hiking, running (LSD), and trying new restaurants. 


Publications or R&Rs in Peer-Reviewed Journals:

Kim, E.,  Lee, K., Tai, K., Johnson, S., Wang, W.,  Duffy, M., & Kim, S. (in press) Gendered Bottom-line Mentality at Work. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Campbell, E., Welsh, D., & Wang, W. Moral Decoupling and High Performers. Under 3rd Review at Journal of Applied Psychology.

Wang, W., Campbell, E., Duffy, M., & Liu, J. Too Selfish to Be Good?: Ethical Behaviors of Narcissistic Leaders. Under 1st R&R at Journal of Applied Psychology.

Robinson, S., Wang, W., & Kiewitz, C. 2014. Coworkers Behaving Badly: The Impact of Coworkers’ Deviant Behaviors Upon Individual Employees. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 1(1), 123-143. 

Robinson, S., O’Reilly, J, & Wang, W. 2013. Invisible at Work: An Integrated Model of Workplace Ostracism. Journal of Management, 39(1), 203-231. 

Selected Works & Activities.

  • (With Michelle Duffy). Trickle-down Effects of Abuse and Support at Work: An Intervention Study.
  • (With Michelle Duffy & John Kammeyer-Mueller). From Ivory Tower to Concrete Jungle: A Longitudinal Investigation of Supervisor Undermining and Support During Internship.
  • Honors and Awards

    Excellence in Teaching Award, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2018.

    Dissertation Fellowship, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2019 - 2020.

    Kwok Leung Memorial Dissertation Fellowship, International Association for Chinese Management Research, 2019.

    Society of Business Ethics Founders' Award, 2019.

    Society of Business Ethics Emerging Scholar, 2019.

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