Wei Wang

Wei Wang

PhD candidate
Work & Organizations


Carlson 3-300P, 321 19th Ave South


  • M.S. 2014
    Business Administration University of British Columbia


  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Dysfunctional Work Behaviors

About Wei

Wei Wang is a doctoral student in the department of Work and Organizations, Carlson School of Management. He is interested in leadership in work teams, as well as how counterproductive work behavior and organizational citizenship behavior impact the workplace.

Most of Wei's leisure time has been given to playing tennis, hiking, running (LSD), and trying new restaurants. 


Selected Works & Activities.

Browse some of my work and see what I’ve been up to.

  • Robinson, S., Wang, W., & Kiewitz, C. 2014. Coworkers Behaving Badly: The Impact of Coworkers’ Deviant Behaviors Upon Individual Employees. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 1(1), 123-143.
  • Robinson, S., O’Reilly, J, & Wang, W. 2013. Invisible at Work: An Integrated Model of Workplace Ostracism. Journal of Management, 39(1), 203-231.
  • Wang, W., Wu, W., Mao, J., & Liu, J. 2012. Abusive Supervision and Workplace Deviance: Evidence from Six Chinese Firms. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 50(1), 43-60.
  • Current Research

    (With Elizabeth Campbell & David Welsh). Moral Decoupling and High Performers. Under revision & resubmit at Journal of Applied Psychology.

    (With Eugene Kim, Tiffany Johnson, Kenneth Tai, KiYoung Lee, & Michelle Duffy). Gendered Bottom-line Mentality at Work. Under revision & resubmit at Journal of Applied Psychology.

    (With Elizabeth Campbell). Too Selfish to Be Good?: Ethical Behaviors of Narcissistic Leaders. Under review at Academy of Management Journal.

    (With Elizabeth Campbell). Star Struck: The Effect of Outperformers on Peers’ Proactive Motivation and Performance.

    (With Michelle Duffy). Trickle-down Effects of Abuse and Support at Work: An Intervention Study.

    (With Michelle Duffy & John Kammeyer-Mueller). From Ivory Tower to Concrete Jungle: A Longitudinal Investigation of Supervisor Undermining and Support During Newcomer Socialization.


  • Honors and Awards

    Excellence in Teaching Award, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2017-2018.

    Dissertation Fellowship, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2018 - 2019.

    Society of Business Ethics Founders' Award, 2019.

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